Acoem noise monitoring and air quality monitoring teams join forces to meet global demand for integrated noise & air quality pollution solutions

13 June 2017

Together, the noise and air quality teams (formerly 01dB and Ecotech) are revolutionising the way companies and public authorities around the world monitor their environmental impact.

Acoem Environment CEO Nicholas Dal Sasso (pictured right) welcomes former 01dB Business Unit Director Stéphane Bloquet to Acoem Australasia’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

With Acoem Australasia’s extensive background and expertise in air, water, gas, blast, particulate and dust monitoring and the noise team working as one, they are creating a succinct and streamlined solution for noise and air quality pollution monitoring.

Combining their hardware, software and expertise, the two business areas are designing and delivering the first truly integrated, user-friendly environmental monitoring systems. These systems allow their customers to develop a strong working relationship with a single partner to meet all their monitoring requirements. Advantages include being able to view all pollution reporting on a single, real-time dashboard rather than on multiple devices. By simplifying the process, businesses and authorities can make faster, more informed decisions.

Acoem noise, vibration, air and gas measurement products are distributed around the world are backed up by extensive technical training and ongoing support services across all facets of environmental monitoring.


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