Exciting innovations & new Acoem industrial reliability technology releases are on their way

Mathew Smart, Acoem Australasia’s Reliability Solutions Manager and Ty Smith, our Technical Sales Reliability Engineer had the opportunity to learn firsthand about a range of new laser shaft alignment technology and upgrades that will be released in the next few months. The 2 key members of Acoem Australasia’s industrial reliability team travelled to Gothenburg, Sweden, joining Acoem representatives from around the world at a conference that introduced Acoem staff to the imminent launches.


Acoem industrial reliability specialists from around the world gathered at our manufacturing facility in Mölndal, Sweden to learn about exciting changes coming to our shaft alignment solutions

The changes to our already class-leading technology will open up new opportunities for Acoem customers in Australasia, making the process of performing accurate shaft alignment and taking precise measurements of other parameters even more streamlined.

For Ty Smith, travelling to Sweden (the original headquarters of our industrial reliability side of the business) was both eye-opening and an invaluable learning experience.

‘I had the opportunity to better understand the trajectory our industrial reliability division is taking and the incredible amount of research and development that goes into transforming our solutions to make maintenance of critical machinery easier for our customers,’ said Ty.

‘Acoem plans to roll out its new offering(s) in September and while we can’t give away any details at this stage, having seen the new technology and witnessed what it can do, I’m excited about introducing it in the Australasian market,’ commented Mathew.

‘It promises to be a game changer for us, our reliability ecosystem and most importantly, for our customers who rely on us to solve their maintenance challenges,’ he added.

Stay tuned for more information in September, and in the meantime, contact Mathew Smart or Ty Smith to learn more about the Acoem range of reliability services, products and customised solutions.

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