Total plant management and peace of mind for your reliability processes with Acoem

“With our multi-technology approach, Acoem focus on giving you deeper control of your plant predictability”

Samir Sabnis – the newly appointed Divisional CEO of Acoem Industrial Reliability – has been part of the senior management team at Acoem for five years. His vision for the future of the division is built on a strong belief that there is nobody else in the global industrial reliability market who can match Acoem when it comes to expertise, field experience, research and development, technology and flexibility in meeting customers’ specific needs. The future of Acoem Industrial Reliability looks bright, especially with Samir at the helm.

When Acoem began working in the industrial reliability field several decades ago, it was known by its previous brand names – such as OneProd™, Fixturlaser™, Metravib™ and Vibralign™. And while those brands were synonymous with quality manufacturing of vibration, alignment and machine diagnostic solutions, they did not individually represent the philosophy that now underpins all Acoem operations.

Today, with the acquisition of several other reliability and technology companies along the way, Acoem Industrial Reliability has a shared vision for what the company is and the benefits it brings to its valued customers around the world.


According to Samir, “Acoem is not just a manufacturer or service provider. Rather, it is a company that chooses to identify as an intrinsic reliability partner, one that you can rely on no matter the size of your company or what stage you are at in your Industry 4.0 journey.”

The future of machine reliability isn’t a single quick fix product, a new sensor or a particular technology. It is about connecting to a holistic ecosystem that allows you to identify which machinery is critical to your business so you can plan your maintenance, control your inventory and prioritise actions to operate more efficiently. The key to operational and industrial reliability success is actionable data – information that allows both your maintenance and management teams to operate cohesively.”

Beginning your reliability journey with Acoem

If you are looking to enhance or implement sustainable processes for your reliability program, consider an entire single ecosystem of comprehensive options, rather than search for individual solutions for each reliability channel. Acoem offers an entire ecosystem of options; from vibration and alignment, machine testing, balancing, oil analysis, acoustic control and thermography to data analysis.

Our hybrid, multi-technology approach allows your business to choose what it requires, when and for how long. We can adapt our offering to suit your specific challenges and will evolve our solutions over time as your operational needs change or diversify.

We believe the key to a successful partnership with Acoem Industrial Reliability is for us to gain a thorough understanding of your current reliability program and approach. We need to understand your business, how it operates, your priorities and your push points.

We conduct a comprehensive reliability audit as our first step, to define your reliability program. This consists of an expert evaluation of your current plant condition and classifying your machines to establish which are critical, semi-critical and non-critical, to provide the best support to meet your unique needs.

Our solutions are scalable, highly flexible and can be integrated across multiple sites worldwide. They are not limited to the products we manufacture or the services we provide in-house as we partner with other trusted global experts in niche industrial reliability-related fields to fill any gaps in your reliability program.

The ‘Acoem WebPortal’ enables data-driven smart operations

The Acoem WebPortal is the most precise and powerful tool in our reliability offering. The WebPortal is an add-on facility that provides total oversight and control of your entire plant’s regimen, or your multi-site whole plant network, from a single unified platform.

Clear, easily accessible communication is essential for effective management and decision making. With the Acoem WebPortal, actionable information can be viewed by anyone with access authority – from maintenance team members all the way up to the CEO and everyone relevant in between.

The interoperability of the ecosystem means that processed data from all your operations, sensors, monitors and diagnostic systems can be easily integrated into the WebPortal, whether or not they are Acoem branded.

Sharing condition maintenance information across the business leads to greater transparency between departments and enhanced production efficiency. Simply log in to the WebPortal, click on the specific plant or network and view the health of machines, see what actions are required and their level of criticality.

Immediate and ongoing advantages of partnering with Acoem for your reliability program

Once your WebPortal has been customised with its individual visuals, frequency guidelines and options, anyone with authorised online access can view real-time data in an easy-to-understand colour-coded format on any enabled device.

Benefits include:

  • Constant plant monitoring
  • Security encrypted remote access by authorised staff & management
  • Simply log in whenever you want to view real-time information
  • Improved management oversight
  • Total overview of individual plant condition or entire network of plants if applicable
  • Better inventory planning
  • Maximised seasonality
  • Coordinated & controlled shutdowns for scheduled maintenance
  • Eliminate the need to hire expensive specialists on each site
  • Combines AI & human experience for remote diagnostics
  • No onboarding or additional training costs
  • Mentoring services provided & hand over process for new employees
  • Access to category 3 & 4 vibration analysts
  • Global pool of experts with intrinsic knowledge of the latest technologies available in every time zone, 24 x 7
  • Control over plant operations.

“Incorporating the exact needs of every customer in every solution makes us the most adaptive solution provider in the market,” said Samir.

Although the Acoem WebPortal can be implemented across any industry that operates major machinery there are a number of key sectors that are already taking advantage of the WebPortal protocol, including:

  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Energy & power generation
  • Food manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Mining
  • Wind.

At Acoem Australasia, we’re inspired by the direction that Samir is taking in the Reliability division. Focusing on building strong and flexible relationships with our customers gives more industrial businesses access to reliability expertise without needing to invest in additional resources or on-site staff,” commented Mathew Smart, Industrial Reliability Solutions Manager – Australasia.

“No matter what stage you are at in your reliability management program, we strive to become your trusted reliability partner and will design a solution that will give you greater control over your entire operations while the Acoem WebPortal provides real-time data that is relevant, current and actionable,” he added.

To learn more about partnering with Acoem Australasia and taking the next step in your industrial reliability journey, visit or contact us.

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