Customer dialogue seeds collaborative solutions

3 Dec 2019

Acoem Serinus™ gas analysers include a sample filter and a flow block. Working collaboratively with our customers helped us optimise the performance of these parts.


Common occurrence triggers a redesign

New, simple and user-friendly. This was the brief the Acoem Australasia Technical Service team received to update the design of the sample filter, which is a critical component in every Serinus® gas analyser.

The sample filter is a particulate filter of 5-micron, or five millionths of a metre filtration size. It is used in all Serinus gas analysers to remove particles, larger than 5-micron, which could interfere with the instrument’s sample measurement. The original design worked well, however, user feedback from customers highlighted a design improvement opportunity that would make it significantly easier to remove the sample filter during service.

The materials used in the construction of the sample filter are delicate. Any redesign would need to adequately protect the filter and ensure performance equal to, or better than the current design it would replace. The new design of this Serinus component also had to save the customer valuable time in servicing and maintenance.

Customers included in constant improvement

Acoem Australasia reached out to customers who had difficulties removing the sample filter during service and asked them to test the alpha prototypes. These same customers became a part of a collaborative process to improve the design.

The final design, now integrated into all Serinus™ gas analysers, was the direct result of this collaboration. Acoem distributors and end users commented that they liked the new design and enjoyed being part of the development process.

“Listening to customers was a key part of the redesign process for the sample filter and flow block. They’re the ones who are using Serinus™ instruments on the frontline. Invariably, they are in the best position to give us the most valuable feedback on how to make the Serinus® gas analyser even better,” commented James Merry, Acoem Australasia Production Lead Engineer.

Engineered from existing materials

Re-engineered to be serviceable, the “flow block” part went through a similar improvement process. The flow block is part of the optional internal pump setup in Serinus gas analysers.

To maintain a stable sample flow in the instrument, the flow block provides constant flow measurement, used as feedback to the pump control system. An environment with a high level of dust in the air could be hard on this part. Engineered from existing materials already in stock at Acoem Australasia’s manufacturing facility, design improvements to the new flow block aimed to not only increase usability, but also to encourage sustainability and reduce unnecessary waste.

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