Acoem presents the Serinus® 31 – the Next Generation of Carbon Dioxide Analysers

19 Apr 2021

Flexible applications

The Serinus® 31 can be configured to operate in absolute or differential mode providing greater flexibility and making it well suited for ambient CO2 measurements in addition to applications such as dilution extractive stack monitoring.

“In the current regulatory compliance environment, with a growing focus on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, the need for accurate CO2 monitoring and measurement systems cannot be overstated,” commented Grant Kassell, Acoem Engineering, Research & Development Manager.
“Serinus® 31 delivers precise and reliable performance at an affordable price and has been used successfully in a variety of projects,” he added.

Manufactured with customers in mind

Acoem has designed the Serinus® range of analysers based on customers’ needs and the knowledge gained from operating extensive air quality monitoring networks for more than 40 years.

Key benefits of the Serinus® 31 include:

  • Seamless integration into continuous monitoring networks
  • Rack slide design
  • Easy setup with an intuitive menu system, advanced GUI and a larger tactile key keypad
  • Remote instrument control minimises the need for on-site maintenance
  • Comprehensive data logging and remote viewing of 200+ operational parameters
  • Versatile RS232, USB, analog and digital I/O and optional Bluetooth and TCP/IP interfaces
  • Removable flash memory stores 10 years of data
  • Install firmware updates using the USB flash memory drive
  • Data can be easily programmed, viewed, downloaded and emailed through Bluetooth connectivity and the Acoem Serinus® Remote Android app
  • Standardised components reduce the cost of spare parts and accessories
  • Low power demand and operation over a wide temperature range.

Local & international regulatory compliance

The Serinus® 31 is based on the same technology as the Serinus® 30 which has been approved for use and meets standards set by environmental protection agencies in the USA (RFCA–0509–174), the European Union (EN TÜV – 0000040203-02), Australia (AS 3580.7.1-2011), Russia (56262-14), France (LSCQA), Ukraine (12/3/B/24/295-17) and China (Pattern Approval – JJF1364-2012).

For more information about the Serinus® 31 and other Acoem air quality monitoring solutions, please contact us.

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