Choosing the right dust monitoring solution with the latest technology from Acoem

7 Mar 2020

As we head into the dry season in Australia, now is the time to consider how you can help your clients tackle their issues with particulates via dust monitoring technology that is:

  • high quality
  • highly portable
  • easy to deploy
  • solar powered
  • rugged, standalone and weatherproof

With the latest technology and a host of desirable features, our complete range of dust monitors suits all kinds of monitoring needs including four specialist “do-all” products that open up new opportunities to monitor particulates in ways that have been nearly impossible in the past:

Neighbourhood Monitor

This low-cost, simple-to-use monitoring solution has additional features that set it apart from the rest including a heated inlet to eliminate false reading due to humidity and the ability to be tracked on a GPS unit onsite. Rugged, lightweight and reliable, the Neighbourhood Monitor has all the latest technology to log the data to the cloud at a highly competitive price.

Features and Specifications:

  • Installs in minutes (by the user)
  • Transmits data automatically
  • Low cost, high accuracy
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Easily share and access data
  • Mains, battery or solar powered
  • Fixed or portable tripod mountings
  • SMS and email alerts of dust exceedances
  • Heated sample inlet to minimise the effects of humidity

For more information Dust Monitoring Ready Reference Selection Tool


Exactus™ BAM / E-BAM PLUS (PM10)

Other PM10 monitoring instruments may have similar capabilities, but this is the first US EPA-approved instrument of its kind that is truly portable and rapidly deployable. No mounting and no cooling conditions needed! Very lightweight, rugged and durable, the Exactus™ BAM / E-BAM PLUS meets both US EPA and Australian standards for PM10 monitoring. Thanks to solar-powered battery operation with minimal set-up time and equipment needed, the Exactus™ BAM / E-BAM PLUS is incredibly versatile and cost-effective, yielding real-time data at short time intervals.

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BAM 1022 (PM2.5)

With the same feature set as the Exactus™ BAM, this dust solution instead monitors PM2.5 to both US EPA and Australian standards. Standalone, this self-contained unit doesn’t require temperature stabilisation making it both cost effective and efficient for ease of deployment.

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Fidas 200S

This particulate monitor is perfect for those seeking a lot of information about the content of dust samples. The new technology in the Fidas 200S breaks down the measurements into TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5 and PM1 concentration and size fractions, providing particle number information as well.

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Still not quite what you’re looking for?

The Ready Reference Selection Tool below shows you a small selection of the more than 25 different dust monitoring and sampling devices available from Acoem Australasia.

Let us guide you through our entire range and help you find the right technical solution for you or your clients’ needs. Whether that means new equipment to meet new licensing conditions, general dust monitoring or meeting stricter compliance standards, we’re here to help you choose the right dust monitoring solution for your project.

For more information Dust Monitoring Ready Reference Selection Tool


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