3 Industries That Have been Transformed by CNC Machines

Machine tools are instrumental in creating a broad spectrum of objects–everything from large automotive and aerospace parts to cell phone cases to diminutive screws and board game pieces.

Machine tools, and more specifically, CNC machines, are used to manufacture objects that require a high level of precision. These objects can be made out of various types of metal or other materials and their applications are growing all the time.

What is the most interesting thing you have made in your machine shop or the most interesting thing you have seen made on a CNC machine?

Machined parts are used in many industries. One of those industries is aerospace. Machined parts can be used for massive jets that carry hundreds of passengers to spacecraft rockets that are used to explore the moon or Mars. The aerospace industry requires a high level of precision, and CNC machines are key to achieving this. It’s amazing to think about the possibility of a CNC machined part being part of a large aircraft that allows people to travel around the world or a spacecraft that allows us to learn more about the universe. It’s an exciting time to be part of the machine tool industry!


Within aerospace, we have the aviation industry, which would not be the industry it is today without precision-made components made on CNC machines. These components can be used on the engines and outer bodies of aircraft carriers and commercial jets. Aircraft engines of course need to sustain long hours of flight, and CNC-made parts play an important role in this because they are designed with the precision required to allow the engine to properly process and utilize fuel. The aircraft’s cockpit with its complex controls is also made on a CNC machine.

Space exploration

Space exploration, another subset of the aerospace industry, has been in the news a good deal lately with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and also the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. It’s clear people are still fascinated with exploring our universe, and machine tools play a critical role in that endeavor. CNC machines have manufactured components for all types of spacecraft, including both the inner workings and the outward design. Spacecraft and their components must be able to sustain themselves for months in space, so having precisely made, durable parts are essential. If there are astronauts on a spacecraft, safety is even more critical, and well-machined parts can play a major role in ensuring the spacecraft is safe.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is another industry that has been shaped by the precision of machine tools. Well-machined parts have increased the quality of automotive parts and improved the efficiency of their production. One great example of how machined parts are used in the automotive industry is the gearbox, which is an important transmission mechanism in vehicles. CNC machines are used to ensure this component’s many shaft parts and gears are the precise shape and size required for optimal efficiency of the vehicles they power.

CNC machining is used to support some of the most critical, and far-reaching (literally and figuratively) industries around today. It’s an exciting and interesting time to be part of the machine tool world.

Whether you work in a machine shop or plant or for a company that services CNC machines, it’s critical that the important machines on which you work run smoothly and have minimal downtime. We know that checking machines for levelness, straightness, parallelism, etc. can be time consuming, and that’s why we wanted to share with you that there is a better, more efficient way to perform these measurements.

Our LEVEL is user-friendly, durable, comes with a single or dual option, allows for easy documentation, and saves time on measurement checks by allowing you to get results without moving up and down to access different parts of your machine. Read more about the LEVEL and the other Acoem tools here.

Then let us know below what is the most interesting thing you have seen made by machine tools or perhaps the most interesting thing you have made in the machine shop yourself.

by Acoem contributor | September 6, 2022
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