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Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAAQMS)

Fully Integrated Monitoring Systems

The Acoem Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (CAAQMS) is the class-leading, turn-key solution for your air quality network. Designed, manufactured, installed, operated and maintained by our team of specialised engineers and technicians, it is the air quality monitoring station of choice, trusted by environmental protection agencies, government authorities and atmospheric researchers worldwide.

CAAQMS are fully integrated reference-quality monitoring stations that feature a tailored selection of  analysers, instruments and components for real-time multi-parameter particulate and gas monitoring, depending on their location and customers’ needs. They adhere to multiple international standards and can be supplied and installed in your choice of weather-resistant shelter. 

We currently operate more than 3000 Acoem CAAQMS stations globally in 80+ countries.

Regulatory monitoring of ambient air quality in real-time

Real-time monitoring enables the environmental assessment as soon as the sample is collected. This bridges the time-lapse between data acquisition and analytics for speeding up the whole monitoring process.
Capable of measuring almost any gas present in the atmosphere, as well as a wide range of meteorological parameters.
Optimize your network for project success with real-time remote monitoring solutions to suit your requirements. Reduce site visits and manual intervention.
Our Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) team of data analysts provides data collection, analysis, validation and reporting services for customers worldwide.
Robust, weatherproof enclosure with shielding, suitable for use in most conditions.
Acoem has held NATA/ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation for the operation of ambient air monitoring systems for almost 30 years.

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Integrated Systems

Customised shelters for a total monitoring solution package

We not only manufacture, install, commission and maintain our class-leading monitoring equipment, but we are also committed to ensuring that we provide you with a fully integrated system or ‘series of racks’ that can be housed together for enhanced productivity, easier maintenance and energy efficiency.

Our integrated solutions are designed to suit your particular application and location conditions, withstanding the toughest environments, from tropical rainforests to frozen tundras and megacities to industrial sites.

Shelters can be equipped with Serinus® analysers, Aurora™ nephelometers, BAM particulate monitors, dust monitors and a variety of other instruments to measure air quality and other parameters in real time. We can custom design your shelter or you can choose from our wide range of standard options.


  • Full fit out with racks, air conditioning, power conditioners and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) as required
  • Various sizes – small compact, large fixed or 20ft shipping container stations – suitable for short or long-term monitoring programs
  • Mobile and relocatable caravan stations – easily transportable on ships or flatbed trucks
  • Can be fitted with a 10-metre mast for mounting of meteorological sensors and roof platforms for safe, easy access to sample inlets and sensors
  • Solar-powered options for compliance particulate, ambient air and water quality monitoring
  • Cyclone-proof, insulated, air conditioned and accessible via walk in, rear and or front doors
  • Small footprint cabinets and enclosures – customised to suit individual needs



System components that integrate seamlessly

Acoem CAAQMs is a fully integrated air quality monitoring system that delivers reference equivalent performance. It is a comprehensive solution to monitor all the critical ambient environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odor, weather, radiation. In addition, meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, flood levels, and visibility can be monitored using customised modules for ground-level weather data.

They are equipped with Acoem Serinus® is our signature range of analysers, calibrators and photometers designed to safeguard the air we breathe by accurately detecting and measuring excessive levels of pollutants. The range includes 10+ different models to monitor O3, CO, CO2, NOx, NH3, H2S, SO2, TRS and TS in ambient air.

 Weather parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed & direction, light intensity, UV radiations, noise, rainfall, and floods are also easily monitored.

Most of the instrumentation used in our system has been developed and manufactured by Acoem.
It is designed to work seamlessly with Acoem’s data capture and storage software and a range of
complementary monitors and sensors from our partner suppliers. The advanced CAAQMS integrates below components seamlessly making it an ideal choice for or Urban and Industrial applications.

  • Ambient air analysers
  • Particulate monitors
  • Automatic calibration systems
  • Data acquisition softwares
  • Meteorological sensors

Informed decision making with real-time data

Faster data analytics through CAAQMS allows for on-time air pollution monitoring to take immediate control measures. The sensor-based CAAQMS incorporates automated data analytics supported by AI technology. It minimizes manual intervention to enhance data accuracy for strengthening the pollution control regime. Real-time data can be served to the common people instantly through integrated Public displays, mobile apps, web widgets, alerts, etc.

It is an essential tool for better compliance enforcement through credible pollution monitoring and reporting practices. Offering accurate air monitoring solutions is the core focus of effective and highly scalable air-monitoring solutions, we are dedicated to democratizing air quality data. 

Industry-leading sensor technology

As sensor manufacturers, we know sensors inside and out and have unparalleled expertise in optimizing performance in real-world conditions. Our signature Serinus® range of analysers, calibrators and photometers are designed to safeguard the air we breathe by accurately detecting and measuring excessive levels of pollutants.


Weatherproof enclosures

A variety of air-conditioned shelters are available for the system, including mobile vans, caravans and relocatable shelters. If required the system can be installed in your pre-existing shelter. Our most popular shelter is our relocatable unit which is designed to be 

permanently sited but may also be easily transported from one site to another on the back of a suitable truck or permanently mounted on a truck for mobile air monitoring studies.


Strong operations & maintenance capabilities

Our operations & maintenance teams work like partners with clients at every stage. From initial design, liaising and paperwork to moving hundreds of tons of material, across thousands of kilometers to going the extra mile and ensuring flowless operational capability – we ensure that our customers achieve their goals.

Our team operates and manages more than 250+ real-time environmental monitoring sites across India every day – helping industry, government and academia make enlightened decisions based on accurate data.

Monitoring on the move – Mobile monitoring van

As pressure on air quality increases, flexible and dynamic techniques are required to understand variation in air quality. New mobile air quality monitoring techniques are allowing us to intensively describe air quality, rather than relying on fixed sites to provide a representative picture of air quality. Mobile monitoring allows more opportunity to assess air quality in an area, using temporary sites which can be moved around multiple locations.

This is a flexible and mobile solution designed especially for Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) across India. Here a Van, equipped with a regulatory-grade ambient monitoring station, can be driven out to a site under audit and collect ambient monitoring data for a day, a week or even more.Request more information

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