Biral SWS-100

Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

The Biral SWS-100 is optimised for use in applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required alongside basic present weather measurements. The forward scatter measurement principle and proprietary design ensure the output is both accurate and reliable in all weather conditions and will not be influenced by local lights sources, even those that flash.

Full compliance with the visibility measurement requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation Runway Visual Range specification and easy integration of the Biral ALS-2 ambient light sensor makes the SWS-100 perfect for use in aviation applications where RVR data is needed.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is an official representative and distributor of Biral products in Australasia.


Long range
10 m to 75 km measurement range (other ranges available)
Ergonomic design
Compact forward scatter design
Hood heating for use in extreme environments
Low maintenance
Window heating & contamination monitoring
Ease of integration
Digital, analogue and switching relay outputs
Comprehensive self-test capabilities

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