Effective horizontal lathes on turning centres

MT20 is a complete product package for checks in horizontal lathes / turning centers.


Quick installation
No settings, no adjustments of lasers, no control of centre
Enable rotating the machine spindle during the measuring process. Doors can be closed when measuring
2-axis sensors
MT20 reads two angles in the same measurement
Several results available from one measurement
Logical interface
Easy-to-understand user interface. Guides you through the measurements
Robust trolley bag that make it convenient to transport and carry!
Water and dust resistant

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The tailored software guides you through the measurements, allowing MT20 to be used by anyone. The measurements are made by connected the wireless sensors to the MT20 display unit, which displays the result directly. The measurements can be saved and then be transferred to create additional report.

The MT20 system comes in a small robust case which is easy to carry around with you.


To check that the machine’s movements run straight without any pitch and roll, a solution with multiple sensors is required.

The LR sensor is positioned on the machine bed and the LM sensor is fitted to the tool holder using the attachment supplied. The SR sensor is mounted in the main spindle and the SM sensor in the tool holder.
The result is displayed as a set of measured points along the length of the movement.

In this way MT20 checks the straightness of the machine’s movement, at the same time as measuring the angular deviation of the movement in relation to the machine bed. The result is displayed in both graphic and text form, and can easily be exported via USB.

Spindle direction

Because deviations in spindle direction impact on the machined part, it is important that this can be easily measured. You check the deviation via four measured points in two positions along the Z axis. By rotating the laser in the spindle and moving the SM sensor along the Z axis, you obtain result for parallel alignment between the rotational axis of the spindle to the 2-axis movement. The results are displayed in graphic form in two directions: at square and parallel to the machine bed and in parallel with it.


Measuring and adjusting the tool holder

Using the SR and SM sensors, you can measure alignment between the main spindle and the tool holder to quickly set a zero point in the tool holder.

The measuring instrument guides you through the entire measuring process. The software shows you how to take measurements in four rotation positions and then calculates a result that shows the angular error and centre deviation between spindle and tool holder. Adjustments can then be made in the live function unique to Acoem.


Measuring squareness

By fitting a prism to SR, you can measure whether the machine’s movements are square with each other. The measurement is performed in two steps: first by measuring the X axis and then the Z axis. The software helps you perform the measurement; you will see the angle deviation directly. The customized fixture makes it easy to fit the sensors, thus ensuring a correct result.


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The future of machine measurement

As ever-increasing demands are being placed on machine tools, we have arrived at the conclusion that an optimally functional machine forms the basis for better business.

Modern machine tools must maintain a high level of lexibility, a high degree of utilization and a minimum downtime which calls for the correct geometry in all the machine’s movements. So we created Acoem and started to sketch solutions for machine tool measurements that, in our opinion, are so self-evident that they should have been developed a long time ago. By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.

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