Integro™ LIDAR Network

Holistic 3D dust monitoring system

The Integro™ LIDAR Network is a turnkey solution that effectively and efficiently monitors on-site dust levels and displays data in near-real time, providing accurate feedback to enable dust mitigation strategies including suppression systems. It is an indispensable operational tool for companies looking to increase efficiency and enhance workplace safety while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Monitoring stations
Three or more fixed, reference-quality dust & meteorological stations
LIDAR Technology
A Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Leosphere Windcube® that continuously scans the required area & measures dust concentration & radial wind speed/wind direction
Airodis Software
Acoem Airodis™, a powerful environmental data management software package to capture, analyse & correlate your data every 5-10 mins.
3D mapping interface
Acoem Cloud, a web browser-based, fully-interactive interface gives users a high-resolution Google Earth-like 3D viewing experience for live and historical site data.
Environmental Reporting Services
Acoem Cloud, a web browser-based, fully-interactive interface gives users a high-resolution Google Earth-like 3D viewing experiencef or live and historical site data.
Environmental Reporting Services
Remote & on-site support from the Acoem Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) team for daily Network review and required LIDAR parameter changes.
Real-time insights
Access real-time, precise information to inform effective & targeted dust suppression measures

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Delivering real-time data points

The advanced LIDAR technology — developed by Leosphere and integrated into the Integro™ LIDAR Network by Acoem — captures 10,000-50,000 individual data points of dust dispersion per scan every 5-10 minutes — together with data from fixed monitoring stations, these data points offer information on dust mass concentration (µg/m3). That is the equivalent of running up to 50,000 individual dust monitoring stations using one integrated system. LIDAR measures dust emission sources, movement, and trajectories over an entire scanned area ranging from a few hundred metres up to 12 km (24 km scan diameter).

3D mapping brings your data to life

With a high-resolution Google Earth-like 3D viewing experience, the intuitive mapping interface helps you transform your monitoring data into informed action

The LIDAR Windcube® can be configured to complete several different scan types, including:

  • Visualise particulate concentrations & aerosol plumes on your site in 3D in near-real time
  • Zoom in or zoom out with the touch of a button
  • Scan up & down to view the colour-coded data from above, from the side or any angle
  • Quickly and easily identify hotspots or fluctuations
  • Access historical data using the horizontal time scale
  • Pinpoint changes over specific time periods, compare results and evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures.

How Integro™ LIDAR Network works

The Leosphere Windcube® takes a snapshot measurement of dust backscatter at preconfigured ‘gates’ along its line of sight.

The spacing between the gates is programmable, structured to best measure and record dust activity across the total distance.

Most often, gate spacing is set at 25 metres, but in many applications, may have smaller intervals. The scanning speed can be varied with lower scan speeds producing higher resolution images of a dust plume. The Integro™ LIDAR Network configuration is easily modified allowing scanning scenarios to be selected to target specific areas.


Around the world, governments, corporations and communities are increasingly concerned about the health and environmental impact of dust migration from mining and industrial activities.

Next-generation dust monitoring network

The Integro LIDAR Network by Acoem is an essential operational tool for businesses looking to increase efficiency and enhance workplace safety while also fulfilling their regulatory compliance responsibilities — making it so much more than an environmental monitoring tool. Delivering real-time, accurate information, it empowers facility managers with all the information they need to track dust behaviour from the exact emission source and immediately respond by implementing on-site dust suppression systems and/or process changes.

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