Acoem Air 1000

Zero air purification system

Acoem Air 1000 is a specialised plant instrument air clean up system. It is designed to remove contaminants such as SO, NOx, CO, oils and particulates from plant instrument air and lower its dew point to less than –15 °C.

The resultant ‘zero air’ can then be used in a Acoem Continuous Environment Monitoring System (CEMS), or for instrument calibration. The scrubber material and filters of the air clean up system can be replaced quickly and easily by hand, without tools.


Effective removal of contaminants
Chemical scrubbers are used to remove SO2, NOx, H2S and CO2 (dependent on application).
Removal option for CO
HCS 1000 heated scrubber is used to remove CO (optional).
Removal option for hydrocarbons and CO
HTO 1000HC heated scrubber is used to remove hydrocarbons and CO (optional).
Efficient multistage filtration
Deltech 810 series filter provides efficient multi-stage filtration which removes dirt, oil and water without the need for a pre-filter. Each layer removes progressively smaller particles, mist and droplets.
Quality components and inbuilt safety valve
Includes powder-coated metal panel (wall mount) with shut-off valve, Deltech mist separator, filter, coalescing regulator with gauge, safety relief valve, molecular sieve 5A scrubber, charcoal scrubber and DFU filter.

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Acoem is committed to continually innovating air quality monitoring instruments and systems to meet the demands of customers around the world, including research facilities, environmental protection agencies, and industry. Our latest precision zero air generators are a cost-effective solution that allows the most up-to-date technology.

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