Data collection, validation & reporting software

Airodis® is a powerful environmental data management software package that automates the process of retrieving data from multiple data loggers, allowing you to validate data and generate a wide range of reports. Whether your monitoring network consists of a single station or 500 stations, it allows you to easily manage your valuable data and maximise your productivity while ensuring accuracy and traceability.


Sophisticated data validation
Data validation graph and drag and drop functionality make it easy to select data. Graphical representation of data for quick visual inspection of outliers and data errors.
High-frequency downloads
Download periods as frequent as every 10 seconds
Streamlined data collation
Support for the MS SQL database supplied as standard with the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express database
Virtual stations
Virtual stations feature allows validation and graphing of data from different stations in the same screen
Smart alerts
Provides automatic alarm notifications via email or SMS
Multi-user platform
Allows multiple users to simultaneously check data, create reports and monitor alarms using its SQL database

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Data Reporting made easy

Capturing accurate real-time data using Acoem environmental monitoring tools is only one part of an efficient and effective environmental monitoring strategy. Whether for regulatory compliance reasons, to assess trends or for internal occupational health and safety requirements, being able to rely on validated and analysed data reports with full traceability is crucial. Acoem specialises is processing timely data and delivering quality reporting via its extensive analytic capabilities to empower you to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

Advanced data reporting to heighten your decision making

Acoem has gained the trust of its global customers by providing fully integrated monitoring solutions that extend far beyond measurement hardware. As we focus on the future of data transmission and work with new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are continually looking at ways to improve the user experience to optimise data management systems. 

This includes determining the optimal balance between human and technology-based resources. Our highly experienced and accredited Environmental Reporting Services team is committed to ensuring that your monitoring regimen complies with local, state and/or federal environmental regulations all day, every day, no matter your location — and keeps your workforce and surrounding populations safe.

Using our industry leading online reporting software — Airodis™ — the Acoem team of highly experienced specialist environmental data analysts provides data collection, detailed analysis, validation and reporting services to customers worldwide, from mining companies to environmental protection agencies and manufacturers to municipal governments.

Operating one of the largest networks of air quality monitoring systems in the world, with over 600 sites consisting of thousands of individual pieces of precision instruments, our maintenance and data reporting services are relied upon by organisations of all sizes and multi-national enterprises.

We are NATA/ISO17025-accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems which includes data acquisition and reporting.

Compliance is not only mandatory – it is a shared responsibility.

Complete data management solution

Utilising .Net technology and operating on Microsoft Windows, Airodis™ provides you with an easy to use, multilingual data management package. It streamlines the data collection process by automatically or manually downloading data from multiple loggers and saving it into an SQL Server database. The data management function simplifies and streamlines the data assessment and review process. Airodis™ provides a range of tools to quickly and easily examine and validate collected data, which can then be presented onscreen in a fully configurable table and in a zoomable dynamic graph.

Sophisticated yet simple

All changes to data require you to enter a reason for the change. The revised data will then be tagged as ‘edited’ and will automatically be entered in the audit log.

The audit log can be viewed at any time and displays the history of every single change, why it was changed and who changed it. Changes can also be easily reversed to ensure full traceability of your data.

Key benefits include:

  • Data can be easily validated or invalidated with the click of a button
  • Data validation graph gives you easy selection of data
  • Graphical representation of data allows quick visual inspection for outliers and data errors
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Configurable data validation reasons
  • Data in the data table can be highlighted depending on its status. i.e. calibration data, validated data etc.
  • Data can be imported with predefined “ranges” that data must be within or outside to be tagged as valid
  • Fully traceable auditing of data with audit log
  • Changes to data can be viewed in audit log
  • Multilingual support including Spanish and Simplified Chinese (Additional languages can be configured upon request).

Airodis Workspace Manager

Alarm notifications

Airodis™ provides automatic alarm notifications via email or SMS* when:

  • Data is outside a user defined range
  • Pollutants are over exceedance levels
  • Specific weather conditions exist
  • An instrument or station is not working.

Alarms can be configured based on data quality parameters such as:

  • Out of tolerance concentration average
  • Out of tolerance rolling average
  • Out of tolerance span/zero calibration.

Full traceability of data for environmental reporting services

Reports are generated for a given period, at a predefined time without user interaction, providing flexibility to generate different reports to meet a variety of operational requirements. Data can be presented in table, bar graph, distribution graph, frequency graph, polar plot and/or wind rose formats. Text and images can also be inserted. Airodis™ is perfect for automatically emailing these reports to users or supervisors, outputting reports to a screen, and sending reports to a web server for website presentations via FTP.

Powerful software for environmental data analysis

Airodis™ represents 45+ years of experience in the development of software and technology, and our success in operating one of the world’s largest networks of environmental monitoring systems. It providesyou with the most stable, streamlined and easy-to-use package available for environmental data reporting.

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