Real-time dust monitor

The E-Sampler provides a particulate monitor ideally suited for continuous monitoring around mines, quarries, construction and other dust generating activities.

The E-Sampler utilises size specific inlets to ensure accurate real-time dust measurements at suspended solids, PM10 or PM2.5 size fractions.

The E-Sampler can be combined with weather sensors to provide wind speed and direction data, Rh and ambient temperature. The monitor provides analogue outputs that can be used to activate localised visible or audible alarms if preset conditions are exceeded, as well as digital outputs for remote data extraction.


Stable & accurate monitoring
Measures PM10, PM2.5 or TSP • Automatic flow control • Programmable auto zero/span • Laser Diode precision optical engine.
Robust enclosure
Sheath-air protected optics • Aluminium weatherproof enclosure • Completely self-contained • Inbuilt data logger.

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Two measurement methods

The E-Sampler utilises two measurement methods to ensure accurate real-time dust measurements of TSP, PM10 or PM2.5.

When correlated against the monitor’s gravimetric sample filter, forward light scatter method provides accurate and instantaneous measurement of dust concentrations.

Gravimetric Sampling Filter method samples dust onto an internal 47 mm filter for use in correlating the light scatter method. Filter can also be used for later chemical analysis such as XRF to determine heavy metal concentrations.

Measurement errors induced by changes in ambient relative humidity are eliminated by incorporating an inbuilt sample heater controlled by a relative humidity sensor


TheE-Sampler can be solar powered and equipped with a selection of modem types which is ideal for nomadic deployment in remote areas such mine sites.

Available on its own or as a full turn-key installation

The E-Sampler can be combined with a solar panel, wind speed and direction sensor, modem, and data collection software – a powerful tool for remotely quantifying dust emissions from around any site.

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