Baseline® 9200 Dual

Dual detector gas chromatograph

The Baseline® 9200 Dual gas analyser by Ametek Mocon links gas chromatograph (GC) selective detection with either a simultaneous GC application or the continuous monitoring capabilities of a total hydrocarbon analyser (THA) in a compact, single, stable and sensitive instrument. The multi-gas analyser component is specifically designed for sub-part-per billion (sub-ppb) to percent level detection, dependent upon the application, to analyse various organic and inorganic compounds.

The Baseline® 9200 touchscreen LCD display and internal software keep operation and configuration simple while automatic calibration is ideal for remote operation. Its small size and portability make this it suitable for field applications, either rack mountable or on a bench top.

Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) is an official representative and distributor of Ametek Mocon Baseline 9200 Dual gas analysers in Australia and New Zealand.


Automated control features
Automatic calibration at user-defined intervals; FlowGuard control of fuel, air and sample with automatic shut-off; electronic back-pressure regulator with sample bypass system; and continuous unattended operation
Versatile platform
Easy-to-use colour LCD display and touchscreen; rack-mountable or bench top with single or multi-point sampling
Programmable output
Analogue output ranges and relays for diagnostics, concentration, events and alarms

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Industrial process analysis and control

  • Beverage gas monitoring
  • Industrial gas mixing control
  • Process gas analysis
  • Specialty & industrial gas monitoring
  • Surface logging analysis

Environmental monitoring

  • AMC in cleanrooms
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Fugitive emission monitoring

Toxic gas monitoring

  • Indoor air quality
  • Leak detection
  • OEM PID sensors

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