Palas Fidas® 200, 200 E & 200 S

Fine dust aerosol spectrometers

The Palas Fidas®200 continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems provide continuous and simultaneous measurements of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP (PMtot) and the particle number concentration. The Fidas® 200 is a fine dust measurement system for regulatory ambient air quality measurements and is typically installed in an existing monitoring station, while the 200E consists of a plug-and-play remote sensor sampling system greatly simplifying installation in stations with existing roof penetrations.

The 200S is integrated into an IP65 EN 16450-approved weatherproof housing. In this way, the Fidas® 200 S can be used as a stand‐alone device for outdoor measurements.


Certified and Approved
Type-approved and certified according to the EN requirements (EN 15267) (EN 16450)
Continuous monitoring for immediate air quality Insights
Detailed Particle Information
Detailed PM, particle number concentration & size distribution information
Stable LED Light Source
Ensures consistent performance over time
Durable Design
Long service life for reliable monitoring solutions
Low Maintenance
Saving time and resources in the long run
Reliable and easy handling
No radioactive material or consumables with low operating costs. Connects to PLC / SCADA system
Drying system
Intelligent Aerosol Drying System (IADS) prevents erroneous classification of particles due to moisture

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Fine Dust Monitoring systems

Fidas® 200, Fidas® 200 S, and Fidas® 200 E are currently the only optical fine dust measurement systems worldwide that offer single particle analysis for the fine dust fractions PM10 and PM2.5. These systems have passed the testing requirements under DIN EN 12341 and DIN EN 14907, and they have also been certified in accordance with DIN EN 15267-1 and -2.

The Fidas® 200 series has also been approved for regulatory measurements in the UK (MCERTS) and France (Homologation).

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Continuous Real-Time Measurement of Multiple PM Values:

The Fidas® 200 operates in real-time, constantly measuring fine particulate matter (PM) levels. Specifically, it provides immediate data on two critical PM sizes: PM2.5 and PM10.

This continuous monitoring capability is essential for assessing air quality and understanding potential health risks.

Additional Information on Particle Number Concentration and Size Distribution:

Beyond PM measurements, the Fidas® 200 offers deeper insights. It not only quantifies PM levels but also reveals details about particle number concentration and size distribution. By understanding the distribution of particles, environmental experts can analyze pollution sources more effectively.

Long Service Life and Low Maintenance

Designed for durability, the Fidas® 200 can withstand continuous operation. Its robust construction allows it to function reliably even in challenging environments. Moreover, minimal maintenance efforts are required, reducing downtime. Users can rely on the Fidas® 200 for extended periods without interruptions.

Other benefits:

  • On-site calibration checks
  • Intuitive operation
  • Over 99% data availability
  • Redundant pumps for operational safety
  • Permanent status monitoring, including calibration
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance, and control
  • No radioactive material or consumables
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highly Flexible application ranges


  • Regulatory pollution control in monitoring networks
  • Ambient air monitoring campaigns
  • Emission source attribution
  • Emission dispersion studies (e.g. fires, volcanoes)
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Research
  • In-Tunnel applications

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