The smart solution for servicing & calibrating your pyranometer to minimise downtime

9 Nov 2023

Dubbo, New South Wales (NSW) is where Acoem Australasia’s Service & Calibration Centre conducts all of its post-servicing in-field pyranometer testing because of the consistently high levels of sunshine throughout the year. Having your critical solar radiance measurement instruments serviced by Acoem Australia during the low (winter) season is the perfect solution for minimising your solar farm’s operational downtime.

Optimise monitoring instrument health & maximise your data accuracy

Whether you use your pyranometer for capturing solar radiance measurements for solar energy generation, climate studies, weather monitoring, photovoltaic assessment or planning of greenhouses for food/crop production, maintaining your instrument is essential. Environmental conditions like prolonged exposure, dust build-up, water penetration, dew/frost and even interference by wildlife can significantly reduce the accuracy of your pyranometer’s sensors. Over time, your pyranometers’ sensitivity can change and drift, so regular calibration is integral to a quality management system to verify that your solar irradiance sensor is stable and operating accurately to an optimal level.

Global ISO standards mandate that calibration of your pyranometer is performed at a minimum once every two years. Regular servicing extends the lifecycle of your equipment and keeps your data precise – which is key to operational success.

Reduce downtime & calibrate your pyranometer during low season

April to October is low season for solar-based energy production in the Southern Hemisphere while the inverse (October to April) applies for the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the ideal time to get your pyranometer serviced and calibrated without disrupting operations. But doing so can be problematic as the process requires consistent levels of sunshine for field testing. That is why we specifically chose Dubbo as our field-testing location. Dubbo has the perfect balance between high solar intensity and cloudless days — with up to 250 hours of sunshine per month. Even during the Southern Hemisphere winter, it provides an average of 200 hours of sunshine per month. For that reason, it is also home to the highest concentration of solar farms in the country.

The Acoem Australasia Service & Calibration Centre, located in Melbourne, is the region’s only NATA/ISO 17025 accredited calibration pyranometer facility. Getting your pyranometers calibrated by the professional team at Acoem Australasia during low season is a logical solution – one that will save you both time and money and avoid interruptions during high season.

The Acoem team has been successfully servicing pyranometers from a wide selection of manufacturers since 2007. Its fully qualified technicians are environmental instrument specialists with extensive knowledge of pyranometer calibration and field use.

According to Acoem Service & Calibration Team Leader Riaan Wolfaardt,  the Acoem Australasia Service & Calibration Centre is a smart decision for solar farm operators.

“Customers here and abroad can rely on our expertise and fast turn-around times to make the service and calibration process simpler, less time-intensive and more productive for their businesses,” he commented.

“It actually makes perfect business sense to not interrupt your peak season activity and to send your instrument to us during your low season to ensure precision calibration and a guarantee of NATA/ISO standard workmanship,’ he added.


Streamlined processes for faster turnaround time

Acoem’s working methodology is based on a strong foundation of process disciplines and a philosophy of continuous improvement, which allows it to deliver service with excellence and uncompromising quality each time. The team at Acoem Australasia Service & Calibration Centre understands how important it is for there to be minimal disruption to your ongoing monitoring projects, so it is committed to making the process of diagnosing, servicing, repairing and calibrating your equipment as painless and quick as possible.

Turnaround times for pyranometer calibration and service is approximately three to four weeks to ensure that all required data sets are captured, plus transit time of shipment back to your place of origin.

For more information about having your pyranometer serviced and calibrated, please visit, contact the Acoem Service and Calibration Centre on +61 3 9730 7800 or

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