Not all data loggers are created equal

8 Oct 2018

Created by the environmental monitoring industry, for the environmental monitoring industry, Acoem releases the Congrego® data logger – Next generation data control and logging specifically for air quality & continuous emission systems. Congrego® is the culmination of 40+ years of pioneering research, commercial experience and operational insight.

Catch a recording of the Congrego® webinar here: Congrego – Created by the Monitoring Industry, for the Monitoring Industry

Acoem has been at the forefront of designing and developing data collection and control software for ambient air and emission monitoring applications since the 1980s. Acoem originally entered the data logger market because it found that off-the-shelf data loggers couldn’t be relied upon to accurately capture environmental instrument data to its satisfaction. The level of precision and reliability Acoem required did not exist.

Total data control & logging for air quality continuous emissions systems

“No other data logger can provide the same breadth of instrument compatibility or the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is accessible, accurate and secure at all times,” said Nicholas Dal Sasso, CEO, Acoem Environment. “It makes the job of complying with global emissions standards and regulations that much easier,” he added.

Congrego® created by the monitoring industry, for the monitoring industry

According to Grant Kassell, Acoem Australasia’s Research & Development Manager, Congrego® is a game-changer. “Environmental monitoring is at the heart of what we do. The success of our business and the critical monitoring services that Acoem provides demand a data logger like Congrego®,” said Grant. “Its intuitive user-interface design and customisable dashboard let our customers decide how, when and where they view their data,” he added.

“Integrating Congrego® into your monitoring station means less costly site visits, greater monitoring efficiency, total control of your Acoem and non-Acoem instruments and the versatility to view data whether connected to the internet or not,” commented James Agius, Acoem Australasia Managing Director. “Congrego® is also backed by Acoem Australasia’s fully-accredited, expert technical support team.”



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