NATA accreditation for temperatures and humidity calibration services boosts Acoem Australasia's service capabilities

15 Nov 2016

Acoem Australasia (previously known as Ecotech Pty Ltd) expanded its services for meteorological monitoring equipment after receiving NATA accreditation for ambient temperature and humidity calibration. This accreditation makes Acoem Australasia the first company in Australia with the capability to combine ambient temperature, humidity and wind parameters into one calibration service.

Acoem Australasia is the only NATA/ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Australia able to calibrate all types of anemometers thanks to our CSIRO-designed wind tunnel, located in our Melbourne head office.

Calibration services from Acoem Australasia, Australia’s environmental monitoring experts, have received NATA accreditation after rigorous independent assessment. This assessment assured the technical competence and production of reliable results for the calibration of ambient temperature with least uncertainties of measurement of 0.2 °C from 0 °C to 40 °C, and relative humidity with least uncertainties of measurement of 2.1% RH from 20% RH to 90% RH.

This accreditation is in addition to Acoem Australasia’s existing meteorological NATA accreditation for wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation sensor (pyranometer) calibration services.

Acoem Australasia’s former Calibration & Services Manager, Horacio Viana, was excited that the service was meeting clients’ needs after Acoem Australasia completed its first calibration service for a NSW Government body. The service included combined calibration of ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction.


Combined calibration service is an efficient and cost-effective solution

Horacio believes customers will be impressed by the combined services’ ability to reduce overall time spent waiting for serviced equipment to be returned, which in turn reduces lost measurement data capture and potentially lost income for Acoem Australasia customers.

“The customer can now send their instruments to Acoem Australasia and we can take care of all their calibration needs in one go, saving customers’ time and money. It also means they’re not wasting their asset and letting valuable work slip by while customers wait for their equipment to be returned.” Horacio said.

Horacio says of the recently introduced new calibration services, that the first client was “very happy” with the results.

He explains: “No other company in Australia has the capability to combine temperature, humidity and wind tests into one calibration service. It is something unique to Acoem Australasia –  nationwide and across New Zealand, we provide the best combined calibration support to help our clients be more efficient.”

For your calibration service enquiries, contact the Service and Calibration team on 1300 166 497 or

An expertly trained, NATA certified Acoem Australasia technician performing a calibration service at Melbourne head office. Acoem Australasia is the first company in Australia with the capability to combine temperature, humidity and wind parameters into one calibration service.



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