Monitoring traffic-related dust in the City of Melbourne

9 Feb 2018

On a small and inconspicuous triangular plot of land, Acoem Australasia is quietly helping to accurately monitor potentially harmful dust levels from vehicle emissions in the Melbourne CBD.

400 metres away from the World Heritage Site-listed Royal Exhibition Building, “ ” marks the spot. An Acoem BAM 1022 particulate monitor located on the sharp corner of La Trobe and Victoria Streets in the Melbourne CBD. (Image source: Google Maps)

A local authority has installed its first BAM 1022, with dust monitoring data gathered and published in real time. The instrument measures and records airborne particulate concentrations, and is highly accurate with improved sensitivity and time resolution.

A dust pollution watchdog

The BAM 1022 is a portable Beta Attenuation Mass (BAM) monitor by Acoem Met One Instruments Inc. It’s the first outdoor dust monitor on the market that delivers real-time, precise measurements and doesn’t require a separate exterior casing or shelter. It can be deployed easily, in any location, with push data designed for online viewing capabilities.

Local authorities are using the instrument to measure PM2.5 emitted from petrol and diesel cars and trucks. The dust is easily inhalable and can potentially get into people’s lungs and bloodstream. People with cardiovascular disease, asthma or high sensitivity to allergens are particularly at risk.

“With the new BAM 1022 in place, the opportunity has arisen to accurately measure and monitor PM2.5, and identify exact sources and levels of this inhalable dust in Melbourne’s central business district. This technology can help to protect vulnerable communities,” said Stefanus Irwanto, (former) Acoem Australasia Southern Branch Manager.

“Acoem Australasia has been working with Met One Instruments for over a decade, deploying hundreds of BAM units across Australia and New Zealand in the mining, quarrying and energy industries,” he added.

Exclusive Australian distributor of Met One Instruments

Acoem Australasia is the exclusive Australian distributor of environmental products manufactured by Acoem Met One Instruments (MOI). MOI equipment complements Acoem’s extensive range of monitoring instruments and the two companies work collaboratively in research and development to ensure that all MOI monitoring units distributed in Australia meet the specific needs of the Australian environment.

Stefanus identified the following noteworthy benefits of the BAM 1022:

  • Doesn’t require a temperature-controlled shelter
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Provides smaller carbon footprint
  • Easy to service
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Quick set up time (less than 15 minutes).

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