Keeping local communities around airports informed using Aerovision

Since Aerovision™ was deployed at two of Belgium’s three major airports – Liège and Charleroi – local residents and businesses are now able to easily access to comprehensive real-time information as aircraft ground noise levels, corresponding flights data and weather data.

Airports around the world use the Aerovision™ system to ensure that they maintain a transparent communication with local communities and comply with their environmental legislation.

Developed specifically for airport management, Aerovision™ is the result of an innovative partnership between A-Tech / Acoustic Technologies and Acoem. It is a simple, integrated web-based solution for helping to ensure that airports comply with mandated regulations regarding noise pollution and can also be used to effectively monitor air quality. Aerovision™ monitoring terminals ensure accurate, real-time data of noise levels and air quality in addition to useful flight tracking information and weather.

Interested residents and businesses can view all the data on any enabled device via a simple, public facing website. They can also use the interface to review previous events and to communicate with the airport to report any grievances, raise issues or ask questions.

The success of Aerovision™ at both Liège and Charleroi Airports led to it being covered by Belgian national television news network RTL in early October 2020.

According to Stephane Cherton, Project Engineer for the Wallonia region’s airports (SOWAER), the impetus behind implementing Aerovision™ was to provide full transparency to local residents and to give the Wallonia government the accurate data it requires to impose relevant actions in case of environmental parameter breaches by the airports.

The RTL News segment about airport noise monitoring was watched by nearly one million people on TV and online. For more information about Aerovision™ and how it can be tailored to meet the environmental monitoring needs of your airport, please contact us or visit our

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A new tool that will be of interest to residents of airports

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