High precision measurements with the NXA Ultimate

The NXA Ultimate package includes software for standard straightnessbore alignmentcircular and rectangular flatness. The measurement and adjustment process is achieved promptly and easily thanks to the unique intuitive graphic user interface with live values displayed in micron resolution.

The user friendly graphic interface is a distinctive feature in all measurement and alignment tools developed by Acoem. The new geometry package is no exception from the rule; it has an intuitive and 3D animated interface with icons and color coded symbols that prompt the user through the measurement and adjustment process.

Other helpful features include live values in micron resolution during measurement and simultaneous live adjustment, in both vertical and horizontal orientation (X and Y values), during the adjustment process. Also, an additional sensor can be used as a reference sensor, which you zero at the start of the measurement process. You are then able to control, at any time during the measurement, that the transmitter has not been moved during the actual measurement, which would otherwise cause incorrect measurement values.

Hans Svensson, CEO Elos Fixturlaser AB, says: “We have developed a geometry package that goes hand in hand with our shaft alignment package. They complement each other in order to achieve optimal machine conditions which will result in fewer unplanned stoppages, component wear, and lower costs. Not to mention the green benefits that these reductions entail!”

For further information about the NXA Ultimate package and technical details, please contact us.

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