Discover Acoem’s innovative approach to calibrating networks of small air quality sensors at CASANZ 2021

Acoem’s major role in the ground-breaking Breathe London pilot program forms the basis for a paper by Acoem’s Grant Kassell, Felicity Sharp and Jim Mills, together with Professor Roderic Jones (University of Cambridge) and David Carruthers (CERC) — being presented by Grant Kassell at CASANZ 2021 on Wednesday, 19 May starting 1:50pm AEST.

Acoem has a long and proud history of presenting and participating in CASANZ biennial conferences. This year, for the first time, CASANZ’s conference will be held online, and Acoem is the principal partner of the event.

As part of CASANZ’s Data Monitoring stream, Acoem Engineering, Research & Development Manager, Grant Kassell will be presenting a paper titled “A Novel Technique for Calibrating Networks of Small Air Quality Sensors”.

The presentation, based on data gathered during the 2020 UK lockdown, will outline Acoem’s learnings from the Breathe London pilot project, and in particular, the benefits of calibrating small sensor networks against a reference station to provide a far more accurate foundation for addressing air pollution in a localised way.

Working with Cambridge University and CERC as part of the Breathe London project, Acoem installed over 100 near reference monitors around London. Together they developed an innovative calibration technique that extracted the underlying wider regional background across the network and used this to access a calibration signal during times of minimal localised response. The extracted measurement was then subtracted to give local authorities significantly more indicative and accurate localised data that could inform their pollution mitigation strategies and have a greater impact on improving air quality than compliance alone.

“In these unprecedented times, monitoring needs to be more localised and focus on faster response times — separating local, regional and background pollutants to measure trends in space and time more precisely,” said Grant.

“Acoem and its partners are working towards a fully automated system that integrates this new methodology and will optimise the use of small sensors, and I look forward to discussing our findings at CASANZ 2021” he concluded.

Grant’s Novel Technique for Calibrating Networks of Small Air Quality Sensors session will take place on Wednesday 19 May, 2021 from 1:50pm.

For more information about the Breathe London pilot project or Acoem’s new small sensor calibration methodology, please contact us.

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