Build your own augmented mechanics solution with the flexible & scalable Acoem ecosystem of apps

Choose which augmented mechanics apps are right for you

Acoem originally introduced its Augmented mechanics ecosystem in 2020, as the first flexible and scalable solution for combining different technologies on the same mobile platform to deliver reliability and precision maintenance for industrial machinery.

The RT-300, first product combination resulting from this ecosystem, was released with five applications that you can download and access from your Apple (iOS) or Android enabled device. Used in conjunction with Acoem sensors and compatible equipment from our partner suppliers, you can purchase a single app or the entire digital toolbox — the choice is yours.

  • The Pre-alignment app designed to remove the complexity of your laser alignment process, making it faster and more reliable
  • The Horizontal shaft alignment app delivering the fastest and most accurate laser alignment capabilities on the market thanks to superior technology sensors and dedicated features
  • The Vertical shaft laser alignment app powered by similar features as the Horizontal app and offering the best user experience for the alignment of vertical machines
  • The Bearing Defender app, providing quick first-level information on  bearing health based on vibration readings in a matter of seconds
  • The Machine Defender app, providing full rotating machinery AI-powered vibration diagnostics instantly in the field

Why vibration monitoring matters

Vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding your machinery, like electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, giant rollers and more, from potential safety incidents or breakdowns. Accurate vibration data will alert your maintenance team to impending defects, such as unbalance, misalignment, bearings, or even gear defects. It can also assess the possibility of future damage before it becomes unrepairable, financially impacting your business.

Why precision alignment matters

Misalignment is the root cause of upwards of 50% of all rotating asset failures, including seal cracks and bearing faults. Studies indicate that it is also responsible for a 3-10% increase in energy consumption, translating to significant additional costs over your machine’s lifetime.

Not only is precision laser alignment crucial to protecting the operational efficiency and life expectancy or your rotating machinery, it will reduce stress on your machinery and help avoid unexpected failures.

Offering more than alignment and monitoring tools

“The ability to use Acoem applications and solutions easily in the field has always been part of our DNA. The true power and value of our augmented mechanics ecosystem lies in its ability to evolve and the fact that it is both customisable and scalable – putting maintenance and reliability control back into our customers’ hands,” commented Vincent Muller, CEO, Acoem Maintenance.

“Over time, customers can add components and take full advantage of advances in technology, feature upgrades and additional integrations, without having to invest in new hardware or worrying about compatibility between elements. It’s just another way we are encouraging our customers to do more with less,” he added.

With its individual apps, the augmented mechanics ecosystem is so much more than an alignment and/or vibration diagnostic tool. It is a huge leap forward in machinery reliability through enhanced connectivity and integrated technology with the advantage of being able to share data and reports instantly from the field.

Safeguard your critical rotating assets, extend the life of your machinery and avoid costly repairs or breakdowns straight from your tablet. Whether you choose a one or more apps or the full Augmented Mechanics ecosystem, this is the only solution on the market that grows with your requirements. Always upgradable, it is an assurance that your investment will be protected and as technology evolves, your system will remain compatible, straightforward to use and up to date.

If you would like to learn more about individual Acoem apps or the entire ecosystem, please contact us.

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