Acoem Spectronus FTIR Analyser gains ICOS approval for measurement of greenhouse gases

9 Sep 2019


The SpectronusTM is now network approved by the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) as an ICOS compliant greenhouse gas (GHG) analyser. For the first time, scientists in Europe now have a clear choice when it comes to using an ICOS compliant instrument to measure GHG.

The Acoem SpectronusTM is ICOS network approved as an ICOS compliant greenhouse gas analyser. The SpectronusTM is the first multispecies greenhouse and other atmospheric trace gas and isotope analyser based on Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy.

Spectronus™ – Part of a sustainable greenhouse gas observation system

ICOS Research Infrastructure was created to establish a sustainable greenhouse gas observation system that would provide a framework for high quality climate change research and increase the usability of research data. The organisation is made up of 12 European countries and over 130 greenhouse gases measuring stations across the continent.

According to Dr Christopher Caldow from ICOS Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE) in France “the SpectronusTM measures a comprehensive suite of greenhouse gases and isotopes whilst being very stable, robust, user-friendly and powerful. You can customise measurement tasks to optionally sample from four different inlets, and may utilise an in-built Nafion membrane and magnesium perchlorate drying agent to remove water vapour prior to analysis.”

The next generation of greenhouse gas analysing instruments

The Acoem SpectronusTM has continued to evolve and be upgraded with guidance and input from Prof. David Griffith. This includes ongoing research and development to introduce a next generation SpectronusTM that is different but complementary to the current model.

“We are testing a more compact version of the instrument that will have the ability to fit comfortably within a standard 19-inch instrument rack,” said Grant Kassell, Acoem Australasia Engineering, Research & Development Manager.

“The rack mounted SpectronusTM will have the same precise internal instrumentation as the current model, and will use less power without compromising on measurement accuracy.”

The SpectronusTM is backed by Acoem’s expert service and maintenance. Acoem Australasia offers comprehensive training to ensure SpectronusTM users receive the best possible advice and support for their instrument.

One instrument for measuring many gas species

SpectronusTM is the only trace gas analyser with the ability to make real-time, high precision measurements of multiple gases and isotopes simultaneously; all within the single instrument. It accurately detects and quantifies nitrous oxide (N2O); methane (CH4); carbon monoxide (CO); carbon dioxide (CO2); carbon 13 isotope (δ13C) and oxygen 18 isotope (δ18O) in carbon dioxide.

FTIR Spectroscopy for a variety of applications

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a well-established broadband technique which covers the whole infrared spectrum, enabling simultaneous measurements of multiple trace gases with low noise and high precision.

The ICOS network and other research agencies can now benefit from ease of measurement for a variety of applications including tall tower, N2O soil flux and continuous, long-term, unattended stations.

SpectronusTM can control a complete air quality monitoring system. With an external manifold for sampling on a tall tower, the Spectronus’ settings can control the manifold to open and close valves in the sequence of the user’s choice. Meteorological sensor data can also be logged to obtain a holistic view of the environment’s air quality.

More than 40 years of environmental expertise

Acoem has a long and proud history of working with the research community and industry to provide effective ambient air monitoring solutions.

Acoem SpectronusTM is currently used by ICOS groups in France (Saclay, LSCE), Finland (a travelling SpectronusTM, FMI), Germany (MPI), UK (Weybourne, UEA) and The Netherlands (Cabauw).

“Being ICOS network approved as an ICOS compliant greenhouse gas analyser is a huge step forward for SpectronusTM and FTIR technology,” commented Felicity Sharp, COO, Acoem UK.

“It is the culmination of decades of work by Prof. David Griffith and his team at the University of Wollongong and we are proud to be partners on this journey.”

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