Acoem Building Acoustics Is Back in Force!

With the new 2.0 version of the Acoem Smart Building Acoustics solution, we have worked hard to bring you greater productivity and ever more efficient ergonomics. In the field, you can now directly access standardized calculations on the screen of your FUSION device.

You know at a glance if your sound insulation complies with regulations. Additionally, you can start and stop measurements with your smartphone, magic! You’ll love the 2.0 version of dBInside software. It allows you to calculate standardized ratings according to ISO 16283 standard and to eliminate noise from your tests – the sound of a door closing will no longer spoil your measurements. You’re notified every time there’s a new update, so that you can use the most recent version. There’s a wave of other innovations with this new version of Acoem Smart Building Acoustics!

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