Acoem & Maxx water samplers: Filling the gap in COVID-19 research

16 September 2020

The MAXX SP5B and SP5S Automatic Water Samplers

MAXX water samplers, distributed exclusively in Australia by Acoem, are being used by local councils to help with COVID-19 research.

With over 45 years of expertise in environmental monitoring, Acoem is experienced in providing customers with tailored solutions that suit their individual situation. Acoem aims to help businesses support sustainability of industry, ensure the wellbeing of communities and protect the environment.

In September 2019, four German-made MAXX SP5 automatic water samplers were purchased by a water sewage plant owned by an Australian local council department. The water samplers are used to gather the most accurate volume readings from samples taken at the treatment plants.

“The MAXX SP5 and TP5 Series automatic water samplers extract samples use either vacuum or peristaltic pumping principles. They are a popular choice because they are hardy, affordable and come with many options to meet the sampling requirements of our customers,” said Margaret Wyganowska, Acoem Australasia Northern Key Accounts Manager.

Traces of the coronavirus have been found in sewage with researchers learning that people diagnosed with the virus shed it through bodily waste.  In Victoria, an analysis of wastewater from the Apollo Bay sewer network on the Great Ocean Road showed fragments of the virus.

The sewage plant is part of a group of local councils that was asked by Australian researchers to help with COVID-19 investigations into whether the virus can be transmitted via human waste matter. The sewage plant uses the MAXX automatic water samplers to collect samples of raw sewage which are then sent to a research lab for further testing and is assisting in their search for answers.

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