Life at Acoem Australasia

Our culture in action

Acoem Australasia is a great place to work and build on your skills and experience. Whilst we are a global organisation with offices and facilities around the world, we’re still anchored by our foundations of being a business centred around our people and a vision to empower others.

We’ve worked hard to create a supportive and inclusive working environment where everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts, where challenge and change are embraced. 

Ours is a culture of equity, transparency, collaboration and recognition. Across every function and portfolio of our business, we attract and employ team members who are as diverse as the communities we serve. 

We acknowledge the importance of balancing your individual needs with those of the business, so we’re open to accommodating different ways of working to best suit everyone’s requirements and personal circumstances. 

We’re passionate about helping people, businesses and government make better choices when it comes to using resources, navigating future opportunities and working productively. Together, our goal is to make a positive difference for the environment, industries, businesses, government agencies, our fellow team members and global communities.

Health & wellbeing 

We provide a workplace that promotes wellbeing — encouraging our team members to stay both physically and mentally healthy by providing them with information and activities to help them in their personal journey.

As well as interesting work and being part of a friendly, supportive team, some of our workplace initiatives include:

  • Fresh fruit delivered
  • Free flu vaccinations
  • On-site family/children’s room
  • On-site car parking
  • A safe place to work, driven from the top, including a monthly safety walk around.

Professional development 

We encourage and support ongoing cross-functional learning and professional development, which is underpinned by a structured performance appraisal process and development planning. Our team members work closely with their managers to continually learn, build on their success and prepare for the next step in their career through in-house training and external programs.

Rewards and recognition 

We celebrate and acknowledge our team members with quarterly awards for:

  • Keep it Simple: An award for excellence in simplification and/or improvement of a system or a process.
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player): Recognises those who demonstrate our culture and values.
  • The Bloodhound: Recognising strong and tenacious tracking in business development and opportunities.
  • Safety Star: Celebrates or recognises our culture of safety.
  • The Maxwell: Recognises excellence in innovation or problem solving “In memory of Robert Maxwell who was never short of a great idea”.
  • Customer Delight: Recognises those who go above and beyond and provide exceptional customer service / support and live the keeping our promises theme.
  • The Octopus: Recognises excellence that celebrates fantastic team work within own team or collaborates with other teams and/or individuals. Imagine the capability and reach of having 8 tentacles to bring people together!
  • Live & Learn: Recognises lessons learnt from a mistake or failure.


An important part of working with Acoem Australasia is the ability to give back to our local community. Whether it is raising money for specific causes, encouraging volunteerism or taking part in environmental initiatives, our people and management are always open to providing support for worthy programs.


Safety is our number one priority at Acoem Australasia and we’re committed to providing our team with workplaces that are free from injury or illness. Identifying, assessing and mitigating any hazards related to our operations, products and services is our shared responsibility. Our managers and supervisors demonstrate visible and proactive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) leadership and continually engage in safety conversations with our team members and other stakeholders.

Acoem Australasia has a strong culture of risk management and a systematic approach to health and safety management. We’re proud that all of our Australian sites are certified to AS 4801 safety management system standards. We implement documented standard safety methods for work conducted both internally and at customer sites. Our thorough understanding of our HSE obligations ensures that we comply with our customers’ safety expectations as well as any legal or other requirements.

We continually improve our safety performance by carefully observing the way we do things and always asking ourselves the question “Is there a better and safer way?”

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4500+ assets monitored


international airports


wind turbines


Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS)

93+ local contacts


local experts, 24/7


Maintenance distributors


Environment distributors


Government and community partnerships

Class-leading environmental monitoring

Shortening your path between measurement and informed decision making

Our services cover the entire spectrum of environmental management:

  • Air, blast, water & wind
  • Noise & vibration
  • Emissions & tunnels

We offer class-leading solutions in the form of Acoem branded and partner instrumentation; mobile & fixed measurement technologies; integrated software and Cloud capabilities for data storage, processing, reporting and analysis; technical expertise for implementing one-off or ongoing monitoring projects; and globally accredited service and calibration.

Acoem’s environmental monitoring solutions empower governments, industries and communities yo:

  • Adhere to government regulations
  • Protect businesses & workers
  • Improve quality of life for communities
  • Advance environmental research
  • Connect & share precise data.

Industries & sectors serviced 

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Energy & utilities
  • Government
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Processing
  • Research
  • Transport

Environmental monitoring

Enhancing industrial reliability of rotating machinery

Protecting your assets with AI-driven monitoring solutions

Vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding machinery (electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, giant rollers etc.) from potential safety incidents or breakdowns. Precision laser alignment is crucial to protecting the operational efficiency and life expectancy of rotating machinery — lowering energy consumption, reducing stress on components and helping avoid unexpected failures.

We are a globally recognised provider of class-leading, precision machine laser alignment, multi-parameter proactive maintenance and condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. Our comprehensive range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated shaft laser alignment and vibration measurement technologies, software and systems puts control for corrective and condition monitoring maintenance back into your hands. 

Our fully customisable and scalable platform:

  • Delivers reliability & precision proactive maintenance for industrial machinery
  • Allows you to continually add or upgrade as new technologies become available 
  • Gives you automatic and immediate diagnostics of your equipment
  • Combines mobile applications, wireless sensors, compatible equipment & AI-powered cloud-based software 
  • Forms a virtual protective ring around your machinery’s rotating equipment.

We also offer our Advisor Remote Diagnostic Centre (RDC), a subscription-based vibration analysis solution for rotating machinery. Let Acoem simplify your maintenance program by:

  • Helping you collect your vibration data remotely
  • Uploading the data to your RDC interface
  • Analysing your data using AI & our technical expertise  
  • Notifying you of the machine condition & recommending next steps within 48 hours.

Reliability monitoring

Our solutions in action

Noise & vibration monitoring

Protecting communities that live near airports


Air quality monitoring

Driving aerosol research across South Korea


Proactive & predictive condition monitoring

Optimising operation efficiency for wind farms


Total maintenance monitoring solutions

Mitigating risk and keeping industrial processes working efficiently


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