Handheld vibration analysers

Total condition monitoring of your rotating machinery in the palm of your hand

We understand that your key priorities are risk mitigation, the health and safety of your workforce and keeping your industrial processes operating with maximum efficiency to minimise costs. 

As a pioneer in wireless handheld solutions for preventative maintenance, Acoem has been working with our customers in petrochemical processing; pulp and paper production; plastics, metals and textiles manufacturing; food, and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals; and HVAC systems for more than 30 years. Combining proactive maintenance solutions with vibration sensors, apps and automated software analysis tools, our four signature, handheld vibration measurement systems provide the highest level of protection for your rotating assets.

Our integrated range of smart vibration monitoring solutions

An accurate vibration analyser measures vibration as part of your thorough preventative maintenance program for critical machinery and equipment. Acoem’s range of vibration analysers also assess your machine’s axis of rotation, indicating if there is a rotating unbalance that can rectify during scheduled machine downtime.

Vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding your machinery — like electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors and giant rollers — from potential safety incidents or breakdowns. With accurate vibration data captured by one of Acoem’s portable or handheld vibration analysers, in addition to unbalance you can alert your maintenance team to other impending defects, such as misalignment, bearings issues or even gear problems. Easily assess the possibility of future damage before your equipment becomes unrepairable and avoid incurring replacement costs that will negatively impact your business.

The ability to monitor, diagnose and control your machinery’s vibration levels quickly, accurately and safely using a single intuitive device is a major advantage of Acoem’s range of predictive maintenance tools, apps, sensors and Cloud-based software. More importantly, they allow you to make fast and immediate decisions to improve your production cycle, protect your equipment and avoid downtime and shutdowns that can impact your business.

The only predictive maintenance & diagnostic tools you will ever need

With Acoem vibration analysis equipment, you can choose a monitoring solution that suits your specific application:

Fast automatic diagnostics in harsh industrial settings:

Falcon: Reduce the time and cost associated with on-site intervention and safely capture data 10 to 20m away from dangerous and hot machinery environments (ATEX Zone 20) with an all-in-one handheld vibration wireless system that can be set up in under two minutes, includes a camera and provides you with accurate real-time bearing measurements in less than 10 seconds using AI-driven automatic diagnostics.

Early detection of rolling bearing damage on electric motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes & compressors

Bearing Defender: Monitor bearing faults on common machines in a variety of industry types, maximise bearing life & optimise your machine’s performance. An easy-to-use app that detects bearing faults in less than 10 seconds, up to 15kHz bandwidth at +/-3dB for industrial machines with +/-80g dynamics. This vibration monitoring solution also allows for the wireless measurement of inaccessible machines (enclosed rooms, behind doors etc.). Operates in conjunction with VT-300 wireless sensor.

Detection of complex bearing/lubrication problems & multiple other parameters

Machine Defender: Assess the entire status of your rotating machinery quickly, easily and accurately, including unbalance, misalignment, structural resonance, pump cavitation, gear defects, shocks or modulation & other ISO failures such as belt wear, soft foot and nearby disturbances. Improve industrial plant reliability and performance with this app-based solution that works in conjunction with VT-300 wireless sensor.

Diagnostic tool for use in explosive, smoggy, gaseous & foggy environments

Smart Machine Checker (SMC): is a portable, machinery diagnostic tool that allows you to check the health of any rotating machine in a matter of minutes. With a built-in camera, pyrometer and stroboscope to pinpoint RPM (crucial for securing an accurate diagnosis), it is optimal for use in Zone II industries where an explosive atmosphere (combining air and combustible material in the form of gases, smoke or fog) is likely to be formed sometimes during normal operation — excluding mines.

The added power of Nest i4.0 software with AI to simplify vibration diagnostics

The primary purpose of Acoem’s automated Nest i4.0 software analysis tools has always been to provide all vibration analysis and condition monitoring users, not just technical experts, with the best industry 4.0 has to offer — accessible, easy and intuitive solutions powered by Accurex™ our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Accurex™ brings Acoem’s IoT capabilities to a heightened level of Industry 4.0 and helps create even greater environments of possibility for maintenance strategies.

Integrating Acoem vibration monitoring tools and Nest i4.0 software with its embedded Accurex™ automatic and real-time diagnostic capabilities into your industrial maintenance process is a giant leap forward in terms of diagnostic capabilities, connectivity, improved performance, better management of risk and greater flexibility.
The automatic diagnostic module provides instantaneous results – outlining where the fault is, which machine is affected and what the actual fault is, all in real time. This extended functionality gives you the ability to control the health and efficiency of your entire network in a single screen, informing decisions to prioritise maintenance actions without delay. It will save you significant time on periodic analysis and help your business avoid damage to your critical equipment.

All commonly encountered industrial faults, such as unbalance, misalignment, defective mountings, looseness, friction, structural resonance, lubrication defects, bearing defects, gear defects or pump cavitation can be detected and rectified in priority order. Faults are identified in clear and accurate language, displayed with an associated level of AI confidence on your handheld monitor or any enabled device if using one of our app solutions.

Streamlining operational efficiency with Acoem vibration analysers

As with all Acoem solutions, our vibration analysers focus on improving the user experience and the added value we can bring to your data, empowering you to take action sooner, extend the life of your critical machinery, improve capabilities and enhance productivity.

Not only will our vibration analysers and solutions lessen the risk of unexpected machine failures, but they will also keep your production schedule consistent between work areas and allow your Maintenance team to correlate its information with Operations data. Depending on your choice of system, you will be able to take advantage of one open automated platform to help streamline machine performance and be able to share your measurements, raw signals, alarms and data in real time with full connectivity and easy integration with your existing data server.

Whether you want to understand the resonance of a motor, detect a bearing defect or prevent gearbox damage, the combination of an Acoem handheld vibration tool with superior diagnostics from Accurex™ AI is your guarantee of a holistic and actionable solution,

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