Occupational Health and safety

Keeping people and assets safe in every workplace

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their workplace and confident that at the end of their day, they will return home without fear of injury. As a business, you have a responsibility to ensure both the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees. Depending on your line of work, setting or location, that means you will require continuous or regular monitoring of various environmental and industrial parameters plus the implementation of steadfast Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policies and procedures to help mitigate or eliminate risk.

Maintaining safe and secure work environments

Regardless of the nature of your work, it is your right to be able to carry out your responsibilities in a secure working environment free from hazards. Acoem is committed to providing solutions that will safeguards workers in every operational context and our dedicated team of environmental and industrial reliability specialists will work with you to determine the optimal way to meet your business’ operational, legal and regulatory needs.

Smart environmental monitoring for OH&S protection

From personal monitoring devices like dosimeters that measure the amount of vibration your body is absorbing to  indoor air quality networks that alert you to exceedances in dangerous pollutants our range of air, blast, CEMS, noise and vibration monitoring solutions provide accurate real-time data that will allow you to make informed decisions to keep your workers safe. This level of protection also extends to large manufacturing and industrial processing workplaces where our monitoring of continuous emissions (CEMS) emanating from smokestacks ensures that your workers are safe and not exposed to higher than legally mandated levels of fumes, dust and particulate pollutants.

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Remote industrial reliability monitoring

Industrial machinery can be extremely dangerous, from the number of mechanical and moving parts to the potentially corrosive and toxic materials that may be processed within it. Our extensive range of completely automated remote and wireless condition monitoring solutions — including robust sensors, wireless gateways, AI-driven diagnostic and analysis software and online applications — will allow your maintenance team to avoid dangerous machinery components, stay a safe distance from critical equipment, access difficult to reach areas of the equipment virtually, and accurately and effectively manage your maintenance program. Empowering maintenance operations and providing the data you need to take action before failures occur will give you total peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your critical machinery.

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