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Co-location is one of the recommended methods for calibration for small sensors as it is designed to provide rigorous testing of the sensors in real-world conditions.

A co-location study is used to validate the sensor data. It also provides suggested scaling factors which can help improve upon the data accuracy and uncertainty of an instrument. During the co-location the sensor is positioned in close proximity to the inlet of a reference equivalent instrument and left to run for a period of time.

The resulting data of both instruments is compared through linear regression analysis which provides a statistical representation of variance between the two data sets. From the analysis recommended scaling factors (slope and offset) are calculated which will be detailed in the co-location report that is provided to you. The scaling factors can also be used to ratify historic data collected prior to the co-location.
On completion of the co-location, Acoem will provide a report containing the following detail :

  • Introduction and requirements
  • Overview of devices used within the co-location study
  • Linear regression analysis chart per pollutant
  • Scaling factors before linear regression analysis
  • Scaling factors after linear regression analysis
  • Customer sign off to accept the recommended scaling factors

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Accreditation and certification

Quality data stems from instrumentation that is properly maintained and cared for. Acoem UK understands that the part we play in servicing ensures our customers have reliable, transparent and accurate data. We maintain instruments in our care to the highest standard ensuring they meet the Defra guidance including LAQM TG22. Our team of engineers are trained on a wide range of air quality monitoring equipment including Ecotech, Met One, Palas, Thermo, API and many more.

Our service procedures are inline with relevant standards such as manufacturer recommendations, requirements in any relevant MCERTS certifications and also QA/QC requirements stipulated. By working to these standards, we are ensuring that all data can be ratified for the ultimate goal that we are all striving to achieve, which is high data capture.

We have a team of field engineers spread across the UK to provide full geographical coverage and enable us to meet our clients’ strict callout requirements. In addition to our service contracts, we also offer installation work and back to base repairs to our Tewkesbury or Glasgow workshops for those ad-hoc repairs.

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