The ultimate environmental monitoring software platform

Take control of your environmental noise and vibration monitoring with Cadence™ – a simple-to-operate, online management platform that gives you the power to measure and track environmental data in real time from a single acoustic monitor or your entire network of sensors. As the optimal environmental monitoring software solution, Cadence™ takes the guesswork out of storing your data safely, allowing access for authorised personnel with a foolproof, AI-powered alert system. Its heightened technology lets you communicate with stakeholders, perform quick analysis and deliver compliance reporting at the touch of a button.

Cadence™ is the only acoustic and vibration monitoring software you will ever need, integrating seamlessly with the entire Acoem suite of noise and vibration measurement devices and instruments.


Customised dashboard
Experience a dedicated environmental monitoring dashboard designed to meet your specific noise and vibration measurement needs, with an intuitive and personalised interface.
AI-powered alert management
Save valuable time and resources with AI able to recognise and identify alert sources, providing you with swift and accurate information for timely action.
Quick reporting and easy data integration
Generate comprehensive reports to inform decision-making with automated reporting and seamless data integration.
Effortless communication hub
Communicate efficiently and effectively with all stakeholders – from project managers to the public – for well-informed decision-making and transparent community awareness.
Unparalleled precision with cutting-edge devices
Secure precise and reliable insights based on the perfect compatibility between Cadence™ and Class 1 Acoem instruments – setting the benchmark for accuracy in the monitoring industry.

Why choose Cadence?

Learn more about Cadence's tailored technology and key features for cities, construction sites, industries, wind farms, and airports.

What is Cadence?



Cadence was specifically designed to simplify and streamline your environmental monitoring processes by creating a single, connected software platform for the management of all your monitoring projects centrally and simultaneously.

With one piece of software, Acoem has eliminated the need for additional training or installing separate software programs for each device or application. Add new projects or monitoring instruments to your Cadence™ interface quickly and simply to gain full oversight across all your environmental monitoring jobs and/or your entire network of monitors and sensors in one easy-to-access place.

Cadence™ allows you to leverage the best in sensor technology and combine it with a future-proof, Cloud-based delivery system to provide an accurate, real-time communication protocol and a higher level of data security that utilises MQTTs with no public IP required.

As a total management tool, it provides real-time notifications remotely and allows you to synchronise with other acoustic data for historical reference, data comparison, reporting and compliance requirements.

It’s never been easier to monitor environmental impact

Connect your data-collecting meters and monitors – such as Cube, ACT-400, Fusion and Orion or even older Acoem devices – with Cadence™ in seconds for greater control over excessive noise and vibration

Cadence™ gives you complete visibility over your project’s environmental impact with immediate, real-time heatmap, overall level, and multiple indicator data centralised on your dashboard, allowing you to make faster and better-informed decisions, identify anomalies, and communicate with affected stakeholders. Remote access lets you easily change your devices’ configuration and settings without needing to be on-site, saving you time and resources.

Access the right data when you need it. No matter the size or scope of your monitoring project – from the smallest temporary monitoring job to a major construction site – whether you are using one or multiple devices, if you are a single user or an entire team, you will always receive the same level of high-quality real-time data, real-time alerts and notable event notifications using this intuitive platform.

Artificial Intelligence for accurate signal treatment

Acoem is a pioneer in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a strategic tool for monitoring software. We have rolled decades of signal processing and treatment experience into the development of the Acoem algorithms that inform AI data analysis and power the Cadence™ platform. All that insight and knowledge means that you can have complete peace of mind and confidence in the precision of the information you are receiving, letting you focus on your core business while Cadence™ takes care of all your essential insights.

For each noise exceedance experienced, the AI will give you the main and secondary source that it recognises as the source of the alert. You no longer have to listen to every alert or analyse analysis each exceedance as the AI does the work for you. Getting this information automatically in your database ensures that it is ready to be printed on your report. Get essential insight and focus on your core business.

Using Class 1 devices with superior metrology and a large dynamic range enhances the accuracy of source recognition. It provides the embedded AI in Cadence™ with enhanced signal quality to provide a management tool that accurately identifies and distinguishes noise exceedances from multiple sources, giving you a more thorough and complete set of exceedance data – saving you time and effort.

Cadence™ anywhere, for any application

No matter what type of environmental noise and/or vibration monitoring project you are involved in, Cadence™ will act as the ideal conduit for all your data needs.

Cadence™ is currently being used worldwide by industries, government authorities, environmental consultants and businesses for.

Smart city environmental monitoring

Cadence™ makes capturing, storing, analysing and reporting the data from an entire network of sensors easier for research studies into the acoustic impact of urban noise. It can also help you identify whether the remedial or mitigation solution you have implemented has been successful in reducing noise in urban areas, for example lowering the speed limit for vehicles or changing the road surface / type.

Construction site noise and vibration monitoring

Receive continuous noise and vibration level data from different locations on site to authenticate the source and incidence of potential exceedances. This will assist with scheduling of particularly noisy works during authorised periods and ensure compliance with noise regulations for maximum permissible levels. Verify fulfillment of operation timetables and help protect the soundscape for on-site workers and neighbouring businesses and populations.

Industrial plant noise monitoring

Cadence’s continuous monitoring functionality will detect noises from intermittent sources or focal points and distinguish the actual industrial activity type responsible for the deviation. There will be no surprises during your next environment protection agency-mandated inspection.

The combination of permanent monitoring devices and Cadence™ enables you to have total control of your noise emissions. What gets measured gets managed. And in addition to control, you can integrate the noise emissions data into your operational activity schedule to always keep your activities under regulatory limits and avoid agency-imposed operational shutdowns and fines.

Wind farm noise monitoring

Capture and store real-time data from individual wind turbines, entire wind farms, or networks of wind farms worldwide and ensure complete data integrity and ease of communication with regulatory authorities and local populations. Find the ideal balance between productivity, sustainability and community acceptance.

Airport monitoring

Developing a more sustainable way to operate is a significant challenge for airport todays. Cadence™ helps you follow indicators and have total control over all noise emission levels. View your real-time data and correlate noise emissions with your own tools. Seamlessly connect a weather station into any Acoem noise monitoring terminal to correlate weather data such as rain, wind direction and wind speed, and add relevant context to your noise emissions. AI source recognition automatically indicates if the noise exceedance you are measuring is caused by your activities or by other sources. Cadence™ provides the ideal platform for a stakeholder-facing consultation website, allowing you to effectively communicate the actions you are implementing to counter noise pollution.

Motorsports monitoring

In particularly high noise level applications, like motor racing and time trials, Cadence™ can provide a central repository for sensitive data to feed into reports and help with planning for mitigation practices and quick decision making should exceedances become problematic. It will also allow planners to optimise the number of cars running in a circuit at any particular time – reducing that number during exceedances or increasing if there is noise level margin available. Neighbouring businesses/populations that may be affected can gain real-time noise monitoring information from public websites for greater transparency.

Why choose Cadence™?

Benefits of Cadence™ include the ability to:

  • store & organise all your environmental data in one Cloud-based location
  • connect a single device or an entire network
  • customise your dashboard to view all your devices/projects at a glance
  • understand the status and performance of every device at any time
  • integrate all Acoem noise/vibration monitoring devices
  • export data for regulatory reports or public-facing websites
  • connect & configure your devices automatically at the touch of a button
  • not require technical expertise or additional training
  • secure your sensitive data with individual commissioning keys.

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