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Generic data loggers weren’t good enough for Acoem, so they shouldn’t be good enough for you.

When Acoem began its pioneering work in the environmental monitoring industry 40+ years ago, there wasn’t an off-the-shelf data logger available we could rely on to accurately capture environmental sensor and instrument data to our satisfaction.

The level of precision and reliability Acoem required did not exist in the logger market. So Acoem developed its own range of data loggers, always focusing on ways to make environmental monitoring simpler and more efficient for our customers.

Harnessing operational insight that only comes from decades of extensive field experience, Acoem accomplished what very few companies could – to research, design and manufacture data logging systems that were tailor made for the environmental monitoring sector.

From the first-generation Acoem 9200 microprocessor and DOS-based 9400DAS data loggers in the 1980s, through to the WinAQMS Data Acquisition System (DAS) with digitally-integrated remote-access capabilities in the early 2000s, Acoem has always strived to find answers to the unique challenges faced by environmental monitoring professionals around the world.

“Congrego® is the brain that effectively controls the body of your air quality monitoring station"

When running a variety of environmental monitoring instruments concurrently, Acoem understands being able to get accurate and reliable data is essential to meeting designated standards, complying with regulations, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your workforce and the community in which you operate.

Congrego® is the next generation in data capture and logging for air quality and continuous emission systems.

More than just a data logger, Congrego® is a total control and logging solution for all your monitoring requirements – making the transition from data recording to report generation simple and seamless.

Introducing Congrego® Lite – a lighter, even more compact, yet equally precise data logger.

Congrego® Lite is the ideal solution for smaller metrological stations, dust monitoring sites, solar stations and applications where low power consumption is essential. It is also the perfect data logger for tunnels where multiple units can be easily installed to give better spatial resolution with hyperlocal, accurate air quality data along the entire length of the tunnel.

The complete environmental data management solution

Data collection, validation & reporting software utilising .Net technology and operating on Microsoft Windows, Airodis™ provides you with an easy to use multilingual data management package.

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