Condition monitoring

Maximise the reliability of your critical rotating assets

Predictive or condition-based maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that allows you to monitor the performance and condition of your machinery in real time. Doing so will enable you to enhance machine reliability and accurately predict when your equipment needs to be maintained —rather than waiting for it to fail. Using a combination of wired or wireless sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented mechanics, machine learning and data analytics, Acoem’s predictive maintenance tools portfolio will help your business anticipate problems before they occur. Schedule maintenance activities at the right time, receive alerts for potential issues with a degree of certainty and enhance your overall industrial productivity.

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Why vibration monitoring matters

No matter the industrial application, vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding your machinery, like electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, giant rollers and more, from potential safety incidents or breakdowns.

Accurate vibration data will alert your maintenance team to impending defects and assess the possibility of future damage before it becomes unrepairable, financially impacting your business. With the right predictive maintenance solution, you can avoid costly equipment repairs, avoid downtime or complete operational shutdowns and increase your machine’s longevity.

If a simple component like a bearing on your machine or piece of industrial equipment fails, it’s already too late. From an occupational health and safety perspective, it can lead to workplace injuries, or even a life-threatening event.

Acoem gives you the ability to understand the health and efficiency of your entire network in a single screen, so you can make immediate informed decisions and take action on maintenance priorities without delay. It will save you significant time on periodic analysis and help your business avoid damage to your critical equipment.

Take the guesswork out of condition monitoring

Acoem is committed to supporting Industry 4.0 through continuous innovation and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). When it comes to ensuring that your critical machinery operates with maximum efficiency, we consistently upgrade and reinvent our maintenance solutions to provide the most user-friendly experience with a predictive maintenance platform that leverages the latest technology to increase your productivity. 

Our range of predictive maintenance tools, sensors and apps with automatic diagnostic capabilities powered by AccurexTM AI is designed to be used by technical experts and novices alike. It empowers mechanics to easily improve industrial plant reliability and performance with holistic maintenance solutions. All commonly encountered industrial faults can be detected, including:

  • Bearing or lubrication problems
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Structural resonance
  • Pump cavitation
  • Gear defects
  • Shocks or modulation from electrical defects or looseness
  • Other ISO failures such as belt wear, soft foot & nearby disturbances.

Flexible & scalable solutions for protecting rotating machinery

With Acoem, you are not just buying a package of monitoring instruments, you are investing in a holistic solution for the preventative maintenance and total condition monitoring of your equipment — an entire ecosystem that includes hardware, software, analytical platforms, maintenance and technical support, coupled with extensive expertise from a global team of maintenance specialists.

Enhanced connectivity, interoperability and compatibility within our entire Acoem ecosystem gives you greater choice and control over your maintenance program. No matter the predictive maintenance tool— from handheld devices to an entire network of wireless monitoring systems, you can add to your online condition monitoring toolbox, integrate new features and stay up to date with technological advances without costly upgrades.

You can also choose to add additional components, like infrared thermography (only in France).

Integrated connectivity with your digital factory systems

Traditionally, Maintenance and Product Operations departments have been quite separate with each running their own programs and software. With total connectivity, your business will be able to take full advantage of shared insights and data to improve performance and efficiency.

Not only will our predictive solutions eliminate the risk of unexpected machine failures, but they will also keep your production schedule consistent between work areas and allow your Maintenance team to correlate its information with Operations data. One open automated platform ensures streamlined performance.

Acoem condition monitoring solutions remove all barriers to enhanced performance, giving you the ability to share your measurement data in real time with full connectivity and easy integration with your existing data server.

Customise which machines’ data you require, at which intervals and where you would like to publish that information. All data, alarms, raw signals and parameters produced by the Maintenance department can be shared between different areas of the business in any digital factory, smart manufacturing facility or big data program.

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