Safeguarding infrastructure that fuels the 21st century economy

Energy is a fundamental element required to sustain our quality of life. Every industrial, agricultural, transport, domestic or health-related process is reliant to some degree on renewable or man-made energy — wind power; solar; oil and gas; and nuclear. As global populations continue to grow, so too does our demand for energy. In addition to potential scarcity, the greatest obstacles that the energy sector faces are the environmental impact associated with the production of conventional energy sources including the climatic effects of fossil fuels on the planet, and the ability to safely and securely operate while reducing the risk of potential failures, shutdowns or critical incidents.

The importance of security for monitoring your machinery & systems

By its very nature, the energy sector has become increasingly vulnerable to the threat of systems infiltration, sabotage or cyber hacking as a means of disrupting or even paralysing businesses, power grids or entire economies reliant on energy sources. Whether this is through technology or more manual means, you need assurance that any monitoring system that you integrate into your operations will withstand unwanted entry by unknown agents. While our predictive and corrective maintenance tools are all connected to the Acoem ecosystem via the Cloud, including several that feature Accurex AI powered data analysis functionality, we have implemented the highest level of data security on our vibration and alignment solutions, using military grade technology and encryption to ensure that your data is only accessed by authorised personnel. This also extends to who can view or download reports or who has clearance to make configuration changes.

Solutions for all your environmental and reliability monitoring needs

Acoem is committed to providing energy-generating industries with failsafe solutions that have been developed to overcome the challenges the sector faces, while helping organisations become more productive, enhance efficiency and maintain long-term sustainability through responsible stewardship[ of natural resources. 

Wind power

From keeping your individual wind turbine or network of thousands of turbines operating at their optimal level, to ensuring that noise and vibration levels emitted comply with government regulations and maintain the wellbeing of neighbouring communities, Acoem provides a wide range of wind power specific solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Oil & gas

We work with the oil & gas industry at power plants, off-shore platforms and installations around the world at every stage of their processes — exploration, extraction, refining and transporting. We measure emissions, perform vibration analysis, manage shaft alignment, balance machinery, detect leaks and implement environmental safety strategies — all while providing you with accurate data to inform your decision making. 

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