Mobility & transport

Moving people, goods and services forward reliably and safely

The transport sector plays a pivotal role in our society. Decisions that transport operators and planners make today will have a significant impact on our future mobility, congestion, economies, health and environment. Getting from A to B safely, efficiently and with a minimal footprint is our priority. Building a sustainable transport future requires an integrated approach between transport providers, governments, industries and communities and the key to achieving common goals is providing all stakeholders with timely and accurate data that will inform decision making, educate the public, control negative effects and mitigate risks.

Protecting, informing and maximising every mode of transport, every day

Transport is the vital link that connects people to opportunities. At Acoem, we have been working with the transport sector and affiliated services for decades — designing and developing effective industrial reliability and environmental management solutions that deliver precise data to enhance performance, protect users, consider the needs of neighbouring communities and make maintenance simpler and less time consuming.  

Every day, all around the world, we:

  • Provide acoustic and vibration engineering that improve product performance in the aerospace, aeronautics, automotive & railway industries
  • Help car manufacturers create the vehicles of tomorrow with precise geometric machine tooling measurement 
  • Design systems that monitor & control tunnel atmospheric conditions to safeguard drivers & tunnel workers
  • Ensure that road traffic noise meets regulations & minimises impact on communities
  • Measure aircraft & ship emissions to protect sensitive ecosystems
  • Keep cranes working efficiently 24/7 at cargo ports around the world
  • Give residents the ability to track flights & engage with airports to control excessive aircraft noise.

Maritime industry

We have a long and diverse history of working in the maritime sector. While our acoustic engineers developed silent submarines for the French Navy in the 1980s, our environmental engineers were working with mining companies to control dust emissions during the loading of raw materials at shipping ports. The shipping industry and ports are the lifeline of international trade. 

As demand for global freight increases, maritime trade volumes are expected to triple by 2050.While the shipping industry currently accounts for only 2.6% of total greenhouse gas emissions, this number is also set to grow exponentially over the same period, meaning that measuring, controlling and regulating ship emissions has never been more important. Likewise, the expected increases will put greater pressure on the machinery that drives freight loading on the docks, so operators need reassurance that their critical cranes, forklifts and conveyor belt systems will be protected against breakdowns and safety issues.

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Roads, rail and tunnels

From regulating vibrations levels for road construction workers and giving bore operators greater control over the machinery remotely, to safely illuminating tunnels to maximise driver visibility and automatically detecting noise polluting vehicles, Acoem is continually innovating its monitoring and measurement systems to provide the safest and most cost-effective ways to improve the way we interact with transport networks and infrastructure.

Aviation and airports

Our airport solutions are designed to solve the complex challenges that the aviation industry faces as airports expand and air traffic grows, including measuring aircraft emissions, protecting workers and neighbouring communities from excessive noise levels, engaging with those affected by noise and  making sure that any industrial machinery used on site and airport infrastructure operates as efficiently as possible. Acoem has also been instrumental is engineering vibration minimising and acoustic controlling enhancements for aircraft.

Acoem has been at the forefront of airport noise monitoring solutions for over three decades. It currently operates management systems at 80% of France’s airports, an airport in Belgium; Bucharest and Bangkok as well as several major airports across Asia and Brazil’s fifth largest airport, Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro.


Over the past few decades, Acoem has introduced a number of major innovations for the automotive industry, including the development and qualification of shock absorbers, vibration control tools and acoustic comfort enhancements for vehicles. From a regulatory and environmental perspective, we strive to affect change in emissions and noise generation of vehicles. And some of our earliest work in shaft alignment monitoring was for the Swedish car industry, and our relationships with vehicle designers and manufacturers continues today around the world. 

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