Wireless vibration monitoring system

Self-powered sensor & gateway technology solution driven by Artificial Intelligence

Establishing an effective and accurate predictive maintenance program is now easier, more cost efficient and safer than ever before. Implementing a wireless vibration monitoring system will eliminate the need for special cables and wires, save installation time and keep your maintenance team members a safe distance away from potentially dangerous equipment in hard to access locations. With an Acoem wireless vibration monitoring system in your factory, plant or mill, you will significantly improve the reliability of inaccessible, mobile or isolated machines, even in the harshest environments or most remote locations

The evolution of vibration monitoring: from portable to wired to wireless

Prior to the introduction of a wireless vibration monitoring system, historically there were only two measuring options for condition monitoring of your equipment.

The first was a portable, manual method — which, at best, provided a single measurement each month because it involved going into the field to take measurements, which was also a safety risk. The second was an online version with permanently installed wiring, which was generally expensive and labour intensive to install. Likewise, it was not always dependable due to placements in difficult locations and under potentially hazardous environmental conditions. 

Acoem’s introduction of a wireless solution complements and significantly enhances these monitoring strategies, resulting in a more frequent set of data than portable measurement can produce. It also facilitates a more accurate assessment of the health of your critical assets and prevents any unexpected failures that may occur between monthly portable measurements — ensuring that your machine will operate with maximum efficiency and reliability until its next scheduled maintenance.

Acoem’s wireless remote diagnostic solution is a game changer in terms of reliability strategy, seamlessly creating environments of possibility.

How to use our wireless vibration monitoring system 

Not all condition monitoring systems are created equally. The heart of any forward-thinking Industry 4.0 condition monitoring program, the right wireless vibration monitoring system allows you to have full control of your maintenance program at all times. 

No matter the location, industry or environmental conditions, small, self-powered and tough stainless-steel sensors with very low thermal expansion can be easily deployed on any piece of rotating machinery quickly and easily. Install the wireless vibration monitoring system up to a hundred metres away from the sensor or extend the range via a wireless expander. The fully automatic and wireless technology and portability of the sensor system eliminates the need for labour-intensive manual inspections and removes all cables which would deteriorate over time. 

The operating conditions (speed, power, pressure, or other process data) of the machines are taken into account and transmitted automatically. Diagnostics are even more pertinent and analyses more effective

Both the sensors and expanders are certified for use in explosive area Zone 0 (Class I, Div I) and are resistant against corrosive environments. Wireless and automatic, EAGLE eliminates the need for cables and manual inspections where conditions are not conducive for such operations.

Real-time vibration data available whenever & wherever you need it

The smart wireless unit embeds signal processing: Advanced indicators, as well as envelope FFT are calculated locally, enabling measurements to be recorded if a vibration or bearing temperature alarm occurs. The data storage frequency is adjusted automatically according to the machine condition. 

Captured data is processed using a dynamic range of analysis and post-processing tools featured in Acoem’s NEST i4.0 predictive maintenance software platform, featuring:

  • Advanced vibration indicators
  • Calculations covering historical data
  • Concatenated spectra
  • 3D spectra 
  • Shock Finder filter. 

Reliable measurements can be easily translated into trends and compared over time for each operating condition. With superior metrology and 15kHz bandwidth anticipation capabilities are heightened, meaning faults can be detected earlier and false alarms are eliminated. Regardless of how many sensors make up your network, all measurements can be supervised remotely on any enabled device.

Wireless monitoring for a wide variety of applications

Power generation
Oil & gas
Paper & pulp
Metal processing

Acoem Eagle: the solution that ticks all the boxes

The aptly name Eagle system was designed with your priorities in mind. When you purchase the Eagle — or a network of Eagles — you are not just buying a sensor, you are investing in a total solution that will be the eyes and ears of your machinery — always on duty, reliable, accurate and protective, alerting you to any and all anomalies and maintenance issues.

Its superior diagnostic capabilities safeguard the most fragile components of your equipment — its crucial rotating machinery — efficiently detecting costly faults like bearing and gear defects, while optimising your equipment’s lifecycle and operational efficiency.

Why vibration monitoring matters

No matter the industrial application, vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding your machinery, like electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, giant rollers and more, from potential safety incidents or breakdowns.

Accurate vibration data will alert your maintenance team to impending defects and assess the possibility of future damage before it becomes unrepairable, financially impacting your business. With the right predictive maintenance solution, you can avoid costly equipment repairs, avoid downtime or complete operational shutdowns and increase your machine’s longevity.

If a simple component like a bearing on your machine or piece of industrial equipment fails, it’s already too late. From an occupational health and safety perspective, it can lead to workplace injuries, or even a life-threatening event.

Acoem gives you the ability to understand the health and efficiency of your entire network in a single screen using an easy to use wireless vibration monitoring sensor. Make immediate informed decisions and take action on maintenance priorities without delay. It will save you significant time on periodic analysis and help your business avoid damage to your critical equipment.

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