Scientific research

Advancing global research with precision environmental instruments & data

Acoem has been working with the global research community since its inception. In addition to supplying reference grade equipment and developing instrumentation specifically for research purposes, we have also partnered with academia to bring scientific monitoring devices to market and provide expert calibration and maintenance services to ensure that our solutions remain accurate with repeatable data for various fields of study.

Science driven innovation

The desire to contribute to scientific discovery and provide solutions that assist academia has also been the impetus for our mission to continually innovate. We are acutely aware of the ever-changing nature of our world and the need to proactively contribute towards preservation and conservation of our planet and its resources.

We foster a culture of freedom of ideas, never afraid to explore new arenas, adopt user insights and collaborate with the research sector to create our various analysers, sensors, monitors and data loggers. Driven by science, we combine our 40+ years of research and development expertise with leveraging advances in technology to develop solutions that are reliable and suitable for remote operation, even in the most remote and harsh environments. leverage

Ours are the instruments of choice of global monitoring networks and research organisations around the world, relied upon by scientists and academics for their accuracy, efficiency, reliability, ease of use and regulatory compliance. 

We have developed a comprehensive range of products and data solutions for monitoring of gases and aerosols for atmospheric and climate research applications including.

Setting the global standard for aerosol monitoring & measurement

Atmospheric scientists and environmental agencies around the world rely on our range of Aurora™ integrating nephelometers. They’ve proven themselves to not only be accurate, flexible and easy to use, but also transportable and designed to cope with the demands of use in remote locations.

Aurora™ nephelometers operate successfully  in ACTRIS & GAW network stations worldwide and are used in air pollution and climate research studies from Antarctica to the Gobi Desert and the Mediterranean Basin — on ships, aircraft, mobile vehicles and in high altitude locations.

Four different models accurately measure visibility, full scatter and backscatter at 1-3 wavelengths for the following applications:

Aerosol light scattering research | Light scattering in remote locations | Long-term monitoring | Aircraft measurements | Visibility | Automobile.

Acoem Aerosol Conditioning System (ACS 1000)

Studying the hygroscopic properties of aerosol particles offers insights into their effect on the earth’s radiative balance. By simultaneously exposing aerosol particles to different relative humidity, the ACS 1000 enables the result of water uptake on the particles’ physical properties to be compared and measured by two real-time instruments simultaneously.

Understanding the impact of aerosols in the atmosphere is vital in our search for solutions. Being able to accurately and reliably measure these effects is essential to addressing climate change issues and was a driving force in the development of the Aurora range of nephelometers and ACS 1000. 

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Greenhouse gas monitoring

In collaboration with the University of Wollongong, Acoem manufactures the Spectronus® analyser – the world’s only FTIR based instrument that meets Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) precision specifications for greenhouse gases, including N2O, CH4, CO and CO2 (including δ13C and δ18O).

The SpectronusTM analyser combines a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, multi-pass gas sample cell and a high-performance detector. It uses sophisticated software for fully automated operation and real-time quantitative analysis of trace gases in air or other gas mixtures.

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Trace Gases

We offer a range of U.S. EPA approved criteria trace gas analysers for the measurement of CO, NOx, NOy and SO2

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Total data control & logging for air quality & continuous emission systems

Congrego® lets you collect your data while our Airodis data collection, validation and reporting software allows you to manage it.

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