Acoustic Threat Detectors

A World Class Sense for Safety

Our ATD technology revolutionizes the landscape for gunshot detection, keeping your communities safe.

Acoem Security & safety solutions deliver strategic, simple and highly reliable data-driven technology that users feel confident implementing. Our signature acoustic threat detector, the Acoem Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) system deplosy military grade threat detection on the ground in a variety of civilian contexts, helping law enforcement and security staff make faster, more informed tactical response decisions to emergency situations.

Safer communities start with smarter security

The artificial intelligence that fuels ATD continuously learns and evolves through data collection. Our acoustic threat detectors can be integrated with other technology systems for a comprehensive security solution. Exceptional accuracy gives you the confidence to tackle threats quickly. Each individual sensor has the ability to detect and locate threats immediately.


Protect and secure public areas wherever surveillance is critical


ATD portable

Revolutionary Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) Portable


The need for Acoustic Threat Detection has never been greater

Today’s smart cities, urban centres and public venues face unprecedented security challenges. The health, safety and wellbeing of our communities is increasingly coming under threat from acts of terrorism, criminal activity and changes in climatic conditions. Until now, the management of those challenges has largely been dependent on visual control through closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) and live video feeds; and prevention via the presence of on-the-ground police and security forces.

Noise is usually the first sign of danger, so acoustic detection should be your first line of defence. Give your first responders the power of combined sound and sight, and protect and secure public areas wherever surveillance is critical.

The Origins of Acoem Acoustic Threat Detectors

In 1995, Acoem developed a static gunshot detection technology that was used initially on UN armoured vehicles to safeguard civilians and protect soldiers against isolated attacks in the rugged urban terrain of Sarajevo during the final months of the Bosnian War.

From there we developed ‘On-the-Move’ detection capability, delivering a wider analysis of threat to provide accurate alerts and data to ensure people’s safety. Over the course of the next 20 years, our acoustic technology was embedded with 25 armies around the world, including US Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our threat surveillance and detection solutions have earned the trust of soldiers in the toughest military operations around the world. That technology laid the foundation for our threat detection system for civilian applications – helping to protect urban citizens from common threats and giving law enforcement agencies a new perspective on making their cities safer.

How Acoem Acoustic Threat Detectors work

Acoustic Threat Detection, detects and localises noise disturbances or anomalies in the soundscape using one or a network of acoustic sensors. Our algorithm-based diagnostic software will immediately distinguish the source and type of the noise and raise an alarm that communicates with lighting and security cameras via 4G or fiber network connectivity, automatically directing them to the precise location of the threat.

Discover ATD

Acoustic Threat Detection can be used to detect and identify a wide variety of disruptions including: 

A World Class Sense for Safety
Drone incursions
Solutions for Every Setting
Breaking glass
Picks up on the sound of shattering glass
Motion detection
Enables the cameras to detect and locate motion, as well as communicate with each other when motion is detected.
Identifies the sound of explosives.
Elevated voices
Can be detected in the event of screaming or yelling.

Acoustic Threat Detectors applications and solutions

Since launching our first Acoustic Threat Detection system in 2019, we have continued to further develop our technology and tailor it to a variety of applications, including:

  • Personal protection
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Houses of worship
  • Streets
  • Whole city networks

Benefits of Acoustic Threat Detectors for risk prevention 

  • Receive accurate and time-sensitive data from the field (incident typology, frequency, criticality, etc.) 
  • Enhance your understanding of security threats 
  • Enable faster and more targeted incident responses 
  • Distinguish critical incidents from false alarms 
  • Reassure the community and increase its sense of security 
  • Flexibility of fixed and mobile solutions for one-off or continual monitoring
  • Track incidents to help facilitate investigation. 

Reputation and trust in our class-leading technology

Acoem is an approved security solution provider endorsed by France’s Strategic Security Committee (CSF) for major events including the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We are committed to exploring new avenues and technology, like optronics and artificial neural networks, to make further gains in the quality of threat detection analysis and response times. Our extensive research helps ensure that we continue to be a leading provider in global threat detection and offer solutions that adapt seamlessly to civil protection in urban environments.

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