Aethalometer® AE36

Black Carbon Monitor

AE-36, an aethalometer designed by Aerosol Magee Scientific, monitors black carbon, identifies its sources, and assesses air quality using the BC Index. It enables access to accurate real-time data remotely, eliminating the need for post-processing. With its new user interface, AE-36 is easy to use and can run unattended for almost a year, ensuring robust and reliable operation and data continuity for long-term trend analysis.


Wavelength Range
operates between 370 and 950 nanometers, capturing diverse light waves.
Aerosol Analysis
Instantly assesses airborne particles, aiding air quality understanding.
BC Index®
Measures black carbon concentration, indicating pollution levels.
DualSpot Technology
Enhances accuracy by focusing on two spots simultaneously.
Data Visualization
Presents immediate results visually, aiding data interpretation.
Self-Cleaning Procedure
Automatically cleans to preserve accuracy, reducing manual intervention.
Easily integrates with other systems for seamless monitoring.
Automatic Data Validation
Validates collected data automatically, ensuring reliability and reducing errors.

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The BC Index

The BC Index, a proprietary metric, assesses air quality, particularly Black Carbon levels, aiding organizations in monitoring and communicating pollution. Additionally, it offers real-time tracking, assisting individuals in informed decisions about outdoor activities, and supporting WHO 2021 guidelines. Lastly, the AE36 instrument adjusts the BC Index to suit specific concentration ranges in different areas

Autonomous self-cleaning for enhanced accuracy

Designed for extended unattended operation, features a self-cleaning procedure that reduces maintenance and ensures accuracy. Its proprietary technology cleans the optical chamber and internal tubing periodically, preventing dirt buildup that could impact data quality. With 2-times longer filter tape, the AE36 minimizes site visits while maintaining high-quality data. Additionally, it remains robust in varying environments, including changes in relative humidity caused by air conditioning.

Real-time source apportionment

It examines samples across 7 optical wavelengths (370 nm to 950 nm), distinguishing variations in aerosol components like diesel exhaust and biomass burning emissions. This data separation allows for real-time identification of aerosol sources and origins. Its source apportionment algorithm, utilizing filter loading compensated data (DualSpot), guarantees precise and instant source categorization

Easy to use, robust performance

Designed to offer valuable insights with minimal resource needs, featuring a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Real-time data visualization enables users to swiftly grasp key information from the previous week. Additionally, a new status control feature automatically validates data, ensuring accuracy for dependable analysis and reporting.

Patented automatic compensation for filter loading effect

It tackles the filter loading effect during sample collection and analysis by simultaneously analyzing two filter spots at different flow rates. Mathematically combining the data eradicates the filter loading effect, delivering continuously corrected real-time data without interruptions as the filter progresses. This compensation method, reliant on aerosol composition and properties, must be determined in real time from measurement data. The parameters derived from this analysis also provide additional insights into aerosol composition and aging, enhancing overall data comprehension

Data Validation

Data validation is crucial for maintaining quality assurance and control (QA/QC). Automated data validation eliminates the necessity for manual validation, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. Implementing new status controls for automatic data validation establishes a solid foundation for dependable and precise data analysis and reporting.

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