NEST Vision

NEST Vision: Next level predictive maintenance

Keeping an eye on every asset

Introducing NEST Vision – the latest addition to the Acoem NESTi4.0 software platform, your gateway to comprehensive machine maintenance management. It offers advanced functionality and improved accessibility to monitor the health status of critical assets. Prepare to see your assets in a whole new light.

NEST Vision can help you visualize the data from your equipment, identify issues and trends, and take actions accordingly. It can also facilitate communication with your team and stakeholders, sharing insights and recommendations. Designed to meet your specific needs and goals, Nest Vision provides clear and actionable information.


Actionable data 24/7
Access actionable data 24/7 and executable data at a management level, guiding immediate decision-making, rather than basic alarms and trends, through a top-level dashboard showcasing current equipment status, ongoing tasks, and monitoring snapshot history thanks to the machine lifeline.
Certified experts at your fingertips
On demand analysis from Acoem reliability and machine experts directly from NEST Vision interface. Users can provide feedback on the accuracy of recommendations for continuous improvement.
Supervision, all-in-one platform
NEST Vision provides a unified view of all monitored rotating assets and Acoem solutions, including the EAGLE, SPARROW, FALCON, MV-x, and RT-300 vibration and alignment apps. Customize NEST Vision to integrate third data sources such as Ultrasound, Oil analysis, Thermography, and more, to access all reliability data one central access point.
Supported by NESTi4.0 Analysis software
NEST Vision is not just a simple dashboard. It supports you with the most up to date and actionable information to make the right calls on day to day operations based on in depth analysis achieved through the powerful NESTi4.0 predictive analysis software.
Tasks management
Create and follow your own maintenance tasks, add notes to give contextual information and attach the maintenance actions to a user so they receive an email notification.
Machine Criticality
Through NEST Vision, focus on high risk machines to make informed decisions sooner and avoid potential disruptions to operations.

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Simplify your operations with NEST Vision

Experience simplicity with NEST Vision – your all-in-one platform for streamlined monitoring solutions. Bid farewell to complicated software installations; with NEST Vision, a seamless connection through a dedicated website is all it takes. No more juggling multiple platforms for data – individual URLs grant quick access to your machine’s diagnostic history with just one login.

NEST Vision serves as your reliability cockpit, offering a comprehensive view of all your monitored rotating assets and Acoem solutions – including EAGLE, SPARROW, FALCON, MV-x, Machine Defender, and Shaft alignment apps.

But wait, there’s more. Extend the power of NEST Vision by connecting third-party data sources, consolidating all your site information into one unified view. Say hello to simplified machine maintenance management – NEST Vision is your gateway to efficiency and reliability.

Driving reliability across your entire organization

NEST Vision offers a comprehensive solution for centralized operational management. Say goodbye to complexity as it provides effortless access to meticulously structured multisite management.

At the corporate level, NEST Vision delivers actionable insights, not just basic alarms and trends. Essential data guides immediate decision-making, with top-level dashboards showcasing current equipment status, ongoing tasks, and monitoring snapshot history.

With NEST Vision, you gain a comprehensive multi-site view, allowing you to rank and filter machinery by criticality level for swift assessment of priority and urgency. Schedule maintenance projects with ease, considering criticality, complexity, and accessibility for each asset.

Effortless access to high-level data insights coming from NESTi4.0

Step into the domain of informed decision-making with NEST Vision, a platform crafted to bridge the gap between complex data and actionable insights. It’s more than a dashboard; it’s a tool designed for accessibility, serving both seasoned professionals and top-level executives. At its core lies seamless integration with the powerful NESTi4.0 analysis platform, renowned for its precision and its built-in 5 decades of expertise in vibration analysis.

NEST Vision distills this analytical power into an easily understandable format, transcending technical complexities to deliver insights that are clear, concise, and readily applicable. With access to the latest and most reliable data, you’re empowered to make informed decisions that drive operational excellence and propel your organization towards success.

Receive certified expert diagnostics

Access professional insights with NEST Vision – your gateway to simplified machine health management. No need to worry about analyzing your machine’s health – our team of Acoem reliability experts will handle the data analysis and provide recommendations, advice, and corrective actions directly through the NEST Vision dashboard. With NEST Vision, accessing expert recommendations is straightforward. Our Advisor experts ensure that recommendations are thoroughly vetted and approved within 24 hours of data collection, directly accessible within NEST Vision upon approval.

But NEST Vision goes beyond just visualizing expert recommendations thanks to the lifeline display of your machines. Identify expert reports promptly, input maintenance actions, and provide feedback on recommendations’ accuracy for continuous improvement of diagnostics. 


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