Acoem MV-x: Black Edition

Predictive maintenance powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

Acoem brings to you MV-x Black edition ,the next generation of AI-enabled vibrational analysis, with real-time edge computing, provides a pathbreaking predictive tool to pinpoint the source, direction, and intensity of the vibration. It represents a fundamental shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance. More importantly, it provides vibration analysis and condition monitoring users, with a seamless industry 4.0 experience.


The data acquired by MV-x is automatically stored in the NEST software platform. Analysis of and access to the condition of production sites is simple: reports are accessible in just a few clicks, navigating from a map of the world to a detailed view of a machine
MV-x communicates and transfers its results in automatically and reliably to the NEST software via a secure Ethernet link. Operators can choose to use the local cabled network, a Wi-Fi network, or over the Internet via a3G link, for example
MV-x can be fully integrated into your environment. Process information is retrieved directly from the PLCs, eliminating any duplication of data. The advanced indicators defined can be transmitted in order to improve process management, and maintenance management is optimized thanks to an interface with the CMMS system
Real-time monitoring of one or more machines. Storage of measurements required for analysis: the right information at the right time. Easy analysis of complex machines through management of operating conditions. Early detection of faults on slow shafts with Shock Finder
Two-way communication with PLCs. Alerts by e-mail / logic outputs. Management of sub-optimal communication conditions (3G) for isolated machines

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The convergence of IoT and AI

MV-x, Acoem’s signature real-time vibration monitoring system has joined the Falcon portable analyser and the wireless Eagle to feature full connectivity with our Nest i4.0 software operating platform. Through this integration, MV-x users can benefit from the platform’s intuitive Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automatic diagnostics matrix. It offers real-time data for your entire monitoring network, identifying, isolating and pinpointing machine faults to give you total oversight of your plant or factory from a single screen. 

This helps improve monitoring reliability, saves time on the analysis, boosts productivity and reduces the risk associated with critical operational incidents, equipment damage or machine shutdowns.

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AI-powered vibrational data for accurate insights

Acoem’s MV-x is a multi-channel real-time wireless monitoring & diagnostics system that seamlessly integrates into the digital industry environment and delivers high-value data insights. With integrated Artificial Intelligence and the power of edge computing, it creates a secure, localised and early fault detection ecosystem, when vibrations deviate from the norm. Through instant and precise data points, it indicates the impending problem and offers remote diagnostic capabilities, empowering you to act before the event, averting downtime and its cascading consequences.

This makes the Acoem MV-x a powerful predictive maintenance program and an invaluable tool for condition monitoring, which provides peace of mind to operators across diverse industrial settings. It is already a solution of choice for industrial applications around the world — including wind turbines, petrochemical plants, maritime transportation, logistics, mining, and automotive manufacturing.

Real time monitoring

Condition based maintenance advocates continuous monitoring of machinery at periodic intervals, using various vibration indicators. Acoem goes even further, as MV-x and MV-120 offer the capacity to monitor indicators in real time, ensuring:

  • that no monitoring event will be missed (no gaps in data acquisition)
  • responsiveness at all times: the slightest anomaly is detected in real time
  • the ability to detect transient or spurious events
  • Pre-trigger functions enabling the raw signal from just prior to the event.

Monitoring for slow shafts

The predictive maintenance of low speed rotating machines is more complex to implement. The machine condition is indeed more difficult to assess, as it requires high resolution data and advanced vibration analysis tools. Coupled to Acoem NEST platform, the MV-x and MV-120 systems offer the perfect solution:

  • the synchronous record of several rotations of low speed shafts (<10RPM) can be performed on up 32 channels and such enhance bearing fault detection with the analysis of both low and high frequency content.
  • the shocks resulting from low speed components are hidden in rich vibration signals and are very difficult to detect. Thanks to Acoem Shock Finder™, a smart algorithm developed on real applications, their detection is automatic and provides an early indication of fault on such low speed asset.
  • all analysis tools required are available: statistical analysis, band kurtosis, smart filters… All post processing indicators can be trended and help predict the evolution of the asset condition

Monitoring of complex machines with Acoem Machine Condition TrackingTM technology

On the edge of industry 4.0, recording data is not a problem any longer. But for machines operating according to variable process conditions, the difficulty is to provide a solution that captures the right data at the right time – thus enabling reliable analysis and predicting failure. MV-x performances enable the most complex machinery found in today’s industrial processes to be monitored with the unique Acoem Machine Condition Tracking technology:

  • Up to 10 operating conditions can defined using one or more process parameters
  • Data Acquisition strategy, Indicators and alarm thresholds are automatically adapted according to each operating condition
  • Stability parameters are set to make sure each measurement is done in good condition

Unlocking the business value of Industry 4.0 with edge computing

An edge computing infrastructure, which enables data collection and processing at the device level, is the backbone of IoT-driven Acoem ecosystem. Edge computing offers a clear benefit as the data is processed and analyzed closer to the point where it’s created. Data does not traverse over a network to a cloud or data center to be processed hence delays and gaps are significantly reduced. Edge Computing enables faster and more comprehensive data analysis, creating the opportunity for deeper insights, faster response times and improved customer experiences. This increased analytics capability in edge enabled devices can power productivity and enhance business value.

Risk mitigation with enhanced cyber security

At Acoem, we are aware of the importance of keeping your production or operational data secure. With the global rise in cyberattacks and infiltration of processing data, especially within sensitive industries, we have taken decisive action to change the way that your data is communicated through Nest i4.0. In addition to enforcing passwords and encrypted certificates, we have enhanced the way the MV-x system communicates with the software. Now encrypted communication remains an IoT initiative to keep your data more secure and protect it from possible access by external parties.


MV-x system can be packaged in a transportable case with BNC plate for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels to answer to a need of temporary monitoring:

  • IP54 rugged design, with integrated fan system and UPS
  • place to enclose a 15’’ laptop PC
  • dimensions: 560 x 465 x 265 mm (22.0 x 18.3 x 10.4 inches)
  • weight: 16 kg (30 lbs)

Externally powered, the monitoring case can remain closed even with a computer inside and right next to the equipment during a day, a week, a month… Ideal to run a full health assessment of the most complex machines, it offers the best measurement and signal processing capabilities for troubleshooting purposes.

6 to 32 channels

With its hardware range of autonomous and intelligent vibration and process monitoring systems, Acoem has the solution matching with your application and without compromise on the monitoring and diagnostic performances!


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Condition-based maintenance for critical machines

The reliability of critical machines is an essential factor for all industrial companies.

The slightest unexpected shutdown results in direct production losses, and the associated maintenance issues (logistics, spare parts, etc.) can be significant. MV-x is a multichannel real-time monitoring system that enables the onset of faults to be detected early, thus providing peace of mind for industrial operators.

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