AT-010 Run-Out Probe

The AT-010 is a pre-alignment tool with a multitude of applications with which you can determine if your machine is really suffering from a misalignment, or a pre-alignment condition, e g softfoot.


Eliminating soft foot is crucial to achieve precision alignment
Bearing Clearance
Correct bearing clearance is important to achieve good alignment results
Bent shafts, skewed or eccentric mounting of coupling hubs can cause harmful vibrations
Sensor Display
Your digital dial indicator
Function to measure displacement of an object to a rotational center

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The importance of pre-alignment

The pre-alignment steps of machinery alignment, while fundamental, are critical to performing an accurate alignment. Simply put, pre-alignment checks are the things that should be done before the actual alignment is attempted.

Furthermore, consistently practicing thorough pre-alignment inspections can lead to an increased bottom line for your company. When you perform these checks, you significantly decrease your chances of overlooking a problem that could cause your rotating machinery to have issues later, which could, in turn, lead to production downtime. Thanks to its variety of application possibilities, the AT-010 Run-Out Probe is the perfect pre-alignment tool for maintenance professionals who need to keep tabs on their machinery’s performance.

Industry-First Combination – Displacement & Shaft Alignment

The AT-010 Run-Out Probe is the first displacement probe that can be combined with a laser alignment system. It is an app-based displacement probe with a wireless connection to a remote display or a Acoem NXA Pro display unit, capable of performing a multitude of pre-alignment checks, such as:

  • Axial and radial runout checks on flanges
  • Checking movements on machine feet (soft foot)
  • Checking bearing clearances
  • Checking movements due to pipe strain
  • Thermal growth measurements on machine casings
  • Eccentric or skewed mounting of coupling hubs
  • Checking for bent shafts

True Softcheck – An Industry First Application

A softfoot condition needs to be corrected before any shaft alignment takes place. Otherwise, it is more or less impossible to properly align a machine with an existing soft foot condition.

The AT-010 Run-Out Probe measures directly on the machine foot the play that occurs as you release the bolt. The user will obtain true softfoot values in contrast to other methods that measure the shaft movement/s as an indication of softfoot.

  • Measure the actual movement on each foot
  • Clear on-screen guidance to achieve perfect results
  • Results are saved for the report and later review

Bearing Clearance

Correct bearing clearance is important for achieving good alignment results.

  • Detects bearing wearChecks for excessive bearing clearance radially and axially
  • Checks for excessive bearing
  • Results saved to report


Bent shafts, skewed or eccentric mounting of coupling hubs can cause harmful vibrations.

  • Check runout on shafts and couplings with just one rotation
  • Onscreen setup and measuring guidance
  • Results saved to report

The multitude of applications made possible !

AT-010 Pre-alignment tool is a smart app based displacement probe for safe and reliable measurement all pre-alignment checks. The multitude of applications made possible with the AT-010, makes it a truly versatile maintenance tool.

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