Your new data collection strategy simplified with the updated Machine Defender app & Nesti4.0 connectivity

As with all Acoem reliability solutions, enhancing diagnostic capabilities, improving the user experience and simplifying data collection to ensure customers can make the right maintenance decisions faster, are key priorities. The latest version of the Machine Defender, Acoem’s signature tablet-based instant machinery diagnostics tool is a giant leap forward for efficiency in machinery vibration monitoring and optimising data collection strategies.

Additional functionality of the Acoem Machine Defender app means users can assess the health of their rotating machinery faster and more accurately than ever before when using the app together with an lightweight, Acoem stainless-steel wireless, triaxial accelerometer that acquires measurements in X, Y and Z directions simultaneously and sends them wirelessly in a matter of seconds to a mobile device.

The new version of the app features an update that allows it to seamlessly connect to the entire Acoem ecosystem of tools via the NESTi4.0 software platform. The first-generation Machine Defender could only measure machines that were compatible with our Accurex™ AI system. But now, all rotating machinery can benefit from Machine Defender and the Acoem reliability ecosystem.

Add any machine to the NESTi4.0 interface with a single drag-and-drop, duplicate assets for networks of machinery and rename them as required. Additional custom post-processing actions can be added and will only be accessible in NESTi4.0 for an expert to view rather than appearing on the measurement-taker’s tablet.

Fool-proof identification of machinery for monitoring

Even without any maintenance or vibration expertise, anyone can operate the Machine Defender app directly from their tablet. We have incorporated QR code technology to provide a simple way to ensure users are measuring the right machine. A QR code can be easily affixed to any machine and a tablet then scans it on site to eliminate any potential errors.

Another enhancement is the ability for users to take high resolution photographs of the machine directly from a tablet and automatically insert them into a report. This provides clearer identification of the machine and the sensor’s position on it for added visual reference. It also allows for more accurate communication between the person taking the measurements and an off-site vibration expert who may be conducting the diagnostic analysis remotely.

Likewise, when coupled with a compatible handheld thermographic camera (and FLIR ONE™ app), the app can instantly transform thermographic images into a fail-safe way to detect issues and confirm faults, such as an over-heated bearing that may need to be replaced immediately to avoid costly repairs. Simply take vibration measurements using the app and then, without needing to shut down or stop the machine, add the infrared pictures to a report as well as the NESTi4.0 vibration analysis platform instantaneously.

Beyond entry-level analysis – expert capabilities are at your fingertips

The original app was designed to provide the user with trending data, but this latest version with NESTi4.0 connectivity can automatically push high quality data derived from measurements collected by Machine Defender to an off-site expert for additional evaluation or analysis.

This makes it an ideal solution for troubleshooting on any site and a complementary tool to the Falcon. With accessibility to the same quality of data as the Falcon, Machine Defender opens up significantly new possibilities for an improved data collection strategy. It even allows you to merge alignment and vibration data so all information is available on a single interface.

Having a vibration professional on site is no longer necessary. Take measurements without expertise and with NESTi4.0 available on premises or in the cloud, Acoem factors in any potential security challenges presented by cloud reliance and removes all barriers to accessible predictive maintenance.

Being able to send a remote diagnostics report to an external or centralised expert to assess is a game changer that will allow vibration consultants to reduce time wasted travelling to individual client sites. Instead, they can rely on an additional pool of on-site resources to take the measurements.

Easy to set up and even easier to use

The app is simple to download and retains the user-friendly colour-coded and icon-based interface which makes set up easy.

Analysis and diagnostic data are displayed through the NEST platform in a traffic light format that provides alerts of possible faults. NESTi.40 makes sharing information with other authorised personnel within your organisation, or externally, as effortless as pushing a button – for communicating real-time reports and historical/trending data.

For more information about how the latest version of the Acoem Machine Defender app can revolutionise your data collection capabilities, please visit our product spec sheet or ask for a free demo.

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