The expanded Cadence platform: Greater environmental data & device management is now within everyone’s reach

Since its first release in 2021, Cadence now welcome DUO FUSION and CUBE devices in the Acoem connected ecosystem. “We are pleased to offer the possibility to our existing customer all around the world, to connect their current devices with Cadence, without purchasing a new unit. A simple upgrade of firmware transform your standard sound level meter, to a connected object. 

Noise monitoring within everyone’s reach

Cadence™ is a seamless conduit to connect all your Acoem noise monitoring instruments over multiple projects in one user-friendly ecosystem. In the future further environmental parameters will to be added to its repertoire.

The benefits of Cadence in noise monitoring mode: real time levels, management of projects with applicative and system notifications by email, following Status of projects and devices in real time, and export in Click to perform the analysis.

Setting a new standard for total data management 

Cadence™ is an added value data management platform that connects all your monitoring devices and combines them with a future-proof Cloud-based delivery system, an accurate real-time communication protocol and a higher level of data security.  No public IP are now required with your devcies when it is connected to Cadence, and the State of the art of security is now used with MQTTs protocol. 

It was designed is to give Acoem customers greater access to and control of their environment by allowing them to easily make changes to their devices’ configuration remotely, interact with captured data and use it to make informed decisions without needing to buy new hardware. 

Cadence™ at your fingertips within seconds

“With more than 5000 Acoem (and previously branded 01dB) noise monitoring monitors, meters and sensors in operation around the world, the ability to utilise Cadence™ for your total data management is as simple as opening a Cadence™ account, establishing your security credentials, updating your firmware and logging on via any enabled device to see your data in real time within seconds,” commented Charles-Etienne Lamort, Product Manager, Acoem-Environment.

“Leveraging API technology and the trusted MQTTS security protocol backed by Acoem’s expert technical team, there is no limit to Cadence™’s capabilities and scalability when it comes to total management of your environmental monitoring data,” he added.

Discover Cadence platform

Cadence is designed to offer the user the best tool to monitor noise and manage fleet of devices with the best performance of security and responsiveness. By handling that part of the job, users can now focus on their core business without worrying about the quality of data. Cadence is designed with the possibility to be integrated into other interface, other tools, with API technology this Second version of Cadence is a new step to use Cadence as your application enabler. Ask your local Acoem sales representative or agent for access to a Cadence™ account to get started.

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