The benefits of thermography in the alignment process

The benefits of thermography in the alignment process

Misaligned machines lead to extra heat on the coupling so the ability to capture thermographic images pre- and post-alignment provides an added layer of confidence that the alignment has been performed successfully. Used in combination with the Acoem Ecosystem’s AT-200 shaft alignment app, the optional FLIR One Pro camera sends the images via the FLIR app which communicates directly with the Ecosystem. Stored images can then be instantaneously and effortlessly incorporated into your laser alignment reports for a seamless user experience and can also be used to compare and contrast historical maintenance jobs. Reports are automatically compiled and generated using the apps’ data, together with the thermographic images and your customised logo.

The FLIR ONE Pro camera allows users of Acoem’s AT 200 shaft alignment app to measure temperatures up to 400°C (752°F)—with a sensitivity that detects temperature differences down to 70 mK. It offers superior native 19,200-pixel resolution for sharper image clarity and is robust enough to withstand even the harshest industrial conditions of your workplace or jobsite.

A seamless user experience

On top of the standard benefits and applications of this thermographic camera, its assimilation into the Acoem Ecosystem enhances the reliability of more complex alignment situations and helps maintenance teams better understand their machines’ capabilities and potential fluctuations due to operational processes.

“Ease of use has always been part of our DNA and providing an integrated solution that delivers a seamless alignment experience is key,”
remarked Vincent Muller, CEO, Acoem Maintenance.

“This smart app-based ecosystem creates environments of possibility when it comes to integrating new technology, and ensures that our customers benefit from every update”
he added.

Enhanced connectivity, inter-operability and compatibility

The Acoem Ecosystem was designed to empower users with the ability to easily control their maintenance programs directly from any enabled device. With a focus on connectivity, inter-operability and compatibility, the Ecosystem encourages users to continually add to or upgrade as new technologies become available, or as specific needs change over time. The Ecosystem’s individual apps allow operators to integrate new features and stay up to date with technological advances without costly upgrades or hardware replacement.

In addition to the mobile apps, the Ecosystem consists of Acoem’s class-leading sensors, compatible equipment from our partner suppliers and our cloud-based software – all working together to form a virtual protective ring around your machinery’s rotating equipment.

Simplifying machine maintenance

The Augmented Mechanics Ecosystem gives Acoem customers the freedom and flexibility to choose which diagnostic tool(s) they need for both corrective and pro-active condition monitoring maintenance based on their specific circumstances and budget, without having to worry about harmonisation between components. It gives users the power to make informed decisions and take maintenance action immediately. Offering unparalleled measurement performance and fast, precision alignment and vibration monitoring, the Ecosystem simplifies maintenance programs and helps extend the lifespan and efficiency of your critical machinery.

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