Introducing the Serinus® Cal 300 - the latest ozone photometer solution

2 Dec 2020

Developed in consultation with customers, the Acoem Serinus® Cal 300 provides precision ozone calibration


The Acoem Serinus® Cal 300 – setting a new standard in ozone calibrators

Acoem is committed to continually innovating air quality monitoring instruments and systems to meet the demands of customers around the world, including research facilities, environmental protection agencies and industry. The latest Acoem precision ozone calibration instrument is the Serinus® Cal 300. Featuring the same high-quality measurement and calibration technology as all other instruments in the Serinus® analyser and calibrators range, the new Serinus® Cal 300 provides a dedicated ozone transfer standard at a lower price than a fully-featured multi-gas calibrator.

Choosing the Serinus® Cal 300 means that customers can utilise the ozone transfer standard without the inclusion of other calibration functions that may not be required. There is no compromise on quality and compliance as the instrument meets all requirements of US and Australian EPAs for these applications.

Measuring & generating accurate ozone calibration levels

The Serinus® Cal 300 has an in-built ozone generator and internal zero-air source, as well as a compact reference photometer, providing accurate feedback control for exact ozone generation and measurement within a single device. Ozone generation and measurements are automatically corrected for gas temperature/pressure changes and can be displayed in units of ppm, ppb, μg/mor mg/m3.

Other key features include:

  • Inter-station calibrations can be performed without disrupting station plumbing
  • Up to four instruments can be calibrated simultaneously using the integral output gas manifold
  • Measures internally- or externally-generated ozone enabling station ozone generators to be easily calibrated
  • Data is stored on a USB memory stick and can be retrieved via RS232, USB interface or optional ethernet connection.

“We are excited to introduce the Serinus® Cal 300 and continue our dialogue with leading professionals and academics from the environmental sector,” commented Grant Kassell, Engineering, Research & Development Manager, Acoem Australasia.

“We look forward to sharing our latest ozone calibration technology with the world,” he added.

The Serinus® Cal 300 has been available through Acoem’s extensive international network of distribution partners since 2021.

View Serinus Cal 300 spec sheet

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