Great things come in small packages - introducing Acoem Congrego Lite - the compact next generation data logger for environmental monitoring

6 Nov 2019

Acoem released the Congrego ® data logger in 2018, a game changer for the environmental monitoring industry. With Congrego ® Lite, Acoem has included the same superior technology in a more compact, portable unit with a significantly lower price tag. 


One year after the release of Acoem’s ground-breaking Congrego® data logger, Acoem adds Congrego® Lite to its suite of data logging instruments – offering customers a choice between the full-function capabilities of the original and the new, lower priced compact unit.

Congrego® Lite is the ideal solution for smaller meteorological stations, dust monitoring sites and other applications where there isn’t a need for a large number of channels or calibrations. It is also the perfect data logger for tunnels where multiple units can be easily installed to give better spatial resolution and accurate air quality data along the entire tunnel length.

Congrego® Lite has been specially designed for smaller applications with a reduced number of channels (15). It is 30 percent smaller and requires less power usage than the original Congrego®.

Congrego® Lite offers the same simple set-up and easy installation with an intuitive and customisable user interface. It fulfils the “traceability of records” requirement of ISO 17025; allows for local or remote control of monitoring instruments; has automated alarms and alerts; works with or without an internet connection, and integrates seamlessly with Acoem AirodisTM data collection, validation and reporting software.

“We wanted to give our customers with smaller scale applications or monitoring stations access to the same advanced technology but at a much lower price” said Grant Kassell, Acoem Australasia Engineering, Research & Development Manager.

“They now have the option of the full-form Congrego® or the more compact Congrego® Lite. No matter which system they choose their environmental data will always be accessible, accurate and secure,” he added.

Like all Acoem products and services, Congrego® Lite is backed by a fully accredited, expert technical support team.

For more information about Congrego® and Congrego® Lite please contact us or download a copy of the brochure here

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