Acoem to present five research papers at the International Clean Air & Environment Conference CASANZ 2022, Adelaide

7 Sep 2022

Acoem will showcase the strength and diversity of its R&D capabilities in air quality monitoring, by delivering five presentations at this year’s CASANZ conference. Led by Engineering, Research and Development Manager, Grant Kassell, our global team of scientists and engineers will be introducing conference goers to the latest Acoem advances in air quality monitoring solutions and technologies designed to optimise multi-parameter measurement in both urban and remote environments.

Sharing in-depth environmental knowledge with the research community & industry

The five targeted presentations championed by Acoem at CASANZ 2022 include:

  • DustRoverTM – “Vehicle-mounted dust monitoring and visualisation for mining and urban applications”
    • Live oral presentation by Grant Kassell (Engineering, Research and Development Manager, Acoem Australasia).
  • Met One Instruments ES-405 – “A low-cost, high performance, industrial grade particle counter for simultaneous PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 measurement”
    • Oral presentation by Dr. David Gobeli, Vice President Air Products, Met One Instruments.

On display: An advanced ecosystem of air quality monitoring solutions 

In addition to our strong contribution to the conference program, Acoem will also be exhibiting with a number of air and noise quality monitoring solutions on display for conference participants to view and experience, including:

Acoem DustRover — Vehicle-mounted dust monitoring on the move

An innovation in dust and particulate monitoring, DustRoverTM empowers mine operators to take a more active role in controlling dust pollutants at the source using its vehicle-mounted sensors and intuitive real-time data platform. Fully customisable, the system is tailored to each operator’s specific challenges, vehicle types and requirements.

Met One ES-405 Simultaneous particulate profiler

A near-reference air quality sensor designed to provide accurate real-time measurements of PM10, PM4, PM2.5 and PM1 concentrations simultaneously in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Acoem Aurora NE-100 Integrating nephelometer

The newly released Acoem Aurora™ NE-100 delivers affordable excellence for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring using a single wavelength for scattering coefficient visibility measurements at one of three user-specified wavelengths.


Kunak – Small sensor air quality monitors

Acoem is the exclusive Australasian distributor of these cost-effective near-reference air quality monitoring solutions designed for cities, industries and researchers. Developed for easy installation, operation and maintenance and lower cost of ownership when measuring targeted pollutants using small sensors.


Fusion 4G – Class 1 sound level meter

The only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser on the market with a built-in 4G modem and your choice of trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators and push data options. With Fusion™ 4G, conduct all your measurements — environmental, buildings and/or monitoring with one compact and reliable device.


Acoem & CASANZ: 40+ years of collaboration

Together, these presentations exemplify the breadth of applications that Acoem works across, both in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand’s (CASANZ) biennial conference is the region’s flagship environmental event, attracting climate scientists and researchers from around the world. This year the event will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from 12-14 September under the theme of  ‘Climate for Change | A Better Air Quality Future’, which aligns perfectly with Acoem’s commitment to empower industries, government authorities, scientists, and communities with the data and tools to combat 21st century challenges and help them find the right balance between progress and preservation.

Acoem Australasia (formerly known as Ecotech) has a four decade plus history of presenting, sponsoring and participating at CASANZ conferences and we’re particularly proud to partner with our new colleagues at Acoem Met One Instruments and Kunak to continue this association.

Meet the Acoem team at CASANZ 2022 

We invite you to visit the Acoem team at CASANZ 2022. Join Grant Kassell, Engineering, Research and Development Manager; Eben Nel, Sales Engineer; and Liz Edwards, Key Accounts Manager at the Acoem stand in Adelaide.

Learn more about the CASANZ 2022 conference and confirm presentation times for Acoem research papers by reviewing the latest CASANZ conference program.

For more information about Acoem environmental monitoring solutions, explore the Acoem website and contact us at


The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of our air. The association includes members from a wide range of sectors, sharing a common interest in environmental science and management.

CASANZ works to promote awareness and understanding of the issues affecting air quality. With the support of local and world-renowned leaders in the sector, it facilitates training courses, workshops, webinars and events. It hosts a biennial conference and grants awards to leaders in the air quality space, celebrating the work being done to achieve cleaner air in our region and beyond.

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