Acoem India manufactures world-class Serinus® analysers

14 July 2020

The Acoem India manufacturing facility in Pithampur, India

Acoem India’s manufacturing facility maintains its United States Environmental Agency (US EPA) approval

Acoem is a global pioneer and leader in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of ambient and trace gas analysers. The Acoem range of Serinus® gas analysers is the result of almost 45 years’ experience and knowledge gained from operating significant air quality monitoring networks around the world.

In February 2020, the Acoem India manufacturing facility received confirmation from the US EPA certifying that all relevant instruments manufactured at the facility are ISO 9001 compliant and continue to hold US EPA approval. This signifies that all Serinus® gas analysers manufactured at either the Acoem Australasia’s head office in Melbourne, Australia or at Acoem India in Pithampur are created to the same quality assurance level.

This endorsement is true recognition of the hard work and meticulous effort employed by Acoem Pithampur technicians to ensure that each analyser manufactured at the facility is of the highest standard.

Acoem India staff joined by representatives of Acoem’s global manufacturing and supply chain
management teams at the office in India

Serinus® gas analysers made in India for global markets

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recently encouraged Indian producers to push for worldwide recognition by manufacturing products for a global market. His theme of ‘Made in India, Made for the World’ is in synergy with the best practice principles already in operation at the Acoem India factory.

According to Yunesh Naidu, Acoem Group Operations Manager, continuing approval by the US EPA is an acknowledgement of the high-level manufacturing principles already used in the production of the Serinus® range of instruments at the Indian factory. “The Serinus® range is synonymous with precision to peak standards across a diverse array of applications and has been recognised internationally for its ease of use,” he said.

“I am extremely proud of the Acoem India team because it has continued to meet these standards and the instruments manufactured at the factory are recognised at a global level,” he added.

100% Acoem-owned and controlled guarantee

Acoem undertook the original Serinus® US EPA certification at the ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. The same specific manufacturing and quality control tests, supporting documentation, final assembly and final inspection requirements, as well as manufacturer’s audit checklists apply in the 100% Acoem India-owned and controlled facility in Pithampur, India.

Acoem operates and maintains one of the largest networks of air quality monitoring systems in the world. The high quality of products and solutions, coupled with global recognition makes the Serinus® series of analysers a game changer. From the outset, Serinus® has been designed with the user in mind: intuitive to use, simple to configure and in-the-field accuracy and reliability.

For more information about Acoem India and the Serinus® range of gas analysers, please visit, email or call  +91 7229044203


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